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Demolition of NCSU's Riddick Field House to begin Saturday

Posted February 27, 2013

— Despite an online effort by students to save it, a landmark building on North Carolina State University's main campus will begin coming down Saturday as the school prepares for the future. 

Riddick Field House, which was built in 1936, was once the focal point of N.C. State football, along with adjacent Riddick Field. That ended when Carter-Finley Stadium opened in the 1960s. 

Riddick Field was paved over years ago, and the bleachers where football fans once sat were later dismantled. Now, university officials say the two-story field house stands in the way of future development of the eastern end of the campus.

University architect Lisa Johnson said the weeklong-demolition will begin Saturday, starting a process that allows the school to build a two-level parking deck covered by a plaza and academic buildings where the field once existed. 

Officials said last week that Riddick Field House obscures sight lines at the end of a pedestrian tunnel under the railroad tracks that split the campus, presenting an unsafe condition. The building is also in the path of the railroad right-of-way and a new thoroughfare being studied to reduce traffic on Stinson Drive and Yarborough Drive.

Riddick Field House Landmark NC State field house to be torn down

Johnson said the building also blocks the potential expansion of the railroad tracks to carry a future light-rail line through campus. 

"We have known for years, at any time, the North Carolina Railroad could ask us to remove the building," she said. 

Despite not being "particularly impressive" in terms of architecture, university officials have already come up with ways to honor the nearly 80 years of athletic history represented by the building, Johnson said.

Officials placed a plaque on Stinson Drive honoring the stadium, and memorabilia from the field house – including the old block S emblem on the outside – has been removed.

Once the parking deck and plaza are up, officials plan to mark the 50-yard line of Riddick Stadium as another reminder of what used to stand there. 

Students opposed to the demolition started a petition on Facebook last week in an effort to save the field house and have collected more than 250 "likes."

The founder of the petition told WRAL News he understands why the demolition is necessary but is sad to see the building go.


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  • mluddysr Feb 28, 2013

    Is this another ruse to eventually push thru light rail??? (we tore down the field house just for this - you have to approve it!!!)

  • jenjengirl89 Feb 28, 2013

    "Did anyone else know Riddick Field and House was the site for a movie starring Bing Crosby?"

    Citation, please?

  • archmaker Feb 28, 2013

    Next month they need to destroy the 1911 building or whatever year it's from. corey3rd2

    the 1911 building was built in 1908. it was named in honor of the class of 1911.

  • cpacraig Feb 28, 2013

    Sad to hear. Did anyone else know Riddick Field and House was the site for a movie starring Bing Crosby?

  • Riddickfield Feb 27, 2013

    Well shoot, where am I gonna live now?

  • kikinc Feb 27, 2013

    'Next month they need to destroy the 1911 building or whatever year it's from.'

    No way! I love the 1911 Building. Old creaky floors. It's creepy!

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Feb 27, 2013

    Oh boy, a plaque. Thanks for the memory.

  • mlslawter75 Feb 27, 2013

    Funny how they can keep things around at NCSU that they want to keep around for decades. Did they ever remove the old smoke stack that was once at the physical plant? Why keep the old Chancellor's residence since a multi-million dollar one was built SO far from main campus it is a joke. And with all that is being done at Centennial Campus, how much longer before main campus is obsolete?? Next thing you know, Reynolds will come down, ladies will play with men at PNC and that too will become a parking deck! Change is going to come. However, at what point does change overtake nostalgia, history and pure common sense?? The field house for years housed Public Safety. The underneath of the stadium housed Fire Safety and part of operations for the Physical Plant.

  • UpChuck Feb 27, 2013

    Ha ha...250 "likes"...yeah, that'll save it.

  • corey3rd2 Feb 27, 2013

    Anything charming and historic at NC State must come down in the name of bricks and concrete. It was a rat's nest anyhow. Next month they need to destroy the 1911 building or whatever year it's from.