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Deer spotted in Garner grocery

Posted October 20, 2009

— A deer found itself in the frozen food aisle of a Garner grocery store Tuesday.

The manager of the Lowes Foods, at 1845 Aversboro Road, said the animal exited the store safely. She did not know how the deer got in the store.


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  • pdjac1900 Oct 20, 2009

    Do you remember the animated movie "Open Season?" Is that Elliott? If so, where is Boog?

  • editor nc Oct 20, 2009

    i guess making it "out safely" means in a body bag.

  • COPs eye Oct 20, 2009

    I wonder if it started eating from the grocery store how big its horns would get.

  • runner24 Oct 20, 2009

    Actually, the deer suffered a broken leg and had to be euthanized. I wonder who fact checked this story?

  • twc Oct 20, 2009

    It was actually a rat in disguise.

  • mudmom2 Oct 20, 2009

    brings a whole new meaning to "fresh meat"

  • Axilla Oct 20, 2009

    Spotted deer in Garner grocery?

  • candoitlikeme2 Oct 20, 2009

    Poor thing... Glad I wasnt at the store that day.. Anywho, you let possum come in your home?!?!

  • tarheelskier Oct 20, 2009

    I saw deer a mile or so from downtown Durham at Northgate Park. I saw a dead fox in the same area. We also have the occasional bear come through.

    This is their world too.

    I have an Opossum that ventures into the kitchen who nibbles on my dog's food. No harm being done.

    You have a possum in your house and you say 'no harm being done'. You are incredibly naive to think that wild animals don't bring disease and illness. But whatever man keep feeding that nasty possum.

  • OpinionatedGuy Oct 20, 2009

    where's my bow...