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Decorated Cakes Have a New Layout

Posted October 20, 2013

You've probably heard about the lack of a petting zoo at the Fair this year. With the folks I've talked to, that has not been a very popular change. You may hear less about a change I really do like - the new layout of the decorated cakes in the Education/Commercial Building.

In the past the decorated cakes were in an exhibit area behind a barrier, and some cakes were fairly close and some cakes were very far away. There was no way to enjoy all the entries equally; some you could just see better than others.

Now the cakes are in cases, and the exhibit area is walk through. The cakes are even on turntables so you can enjoy the ones that are uniquely decorated on all sides. (Not all the cakes were turning, though - maybe some of them are too heavy for a turntable?)

I expect there will still be a bit of wait to see the cakes, but wow, this layout is so much better. As always, the cakes this year are terrific - don't miss the Alice in Wonderland cake up front.


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