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Deck collapse at Ocean Isle Beach home injures 21 in July 2013

Posted July 9, 2013
Updated July 5, 2015

— Twenty-one members of a family vacationing at Ocean Isle Beach were injured Tuesday night taking a family photo when the second-story deck they were standing on collapsed onto a concrete patio, authorities said.

About 25 people were at the home, at 83 Ocean Isle West Blvd. Injuries ranged from broken bones to a spinal injury, but police said none of them appeared life-threatening.

Thirteen people were taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center in Myrtle Beach, S.C., where 11 were treated and released. Seven were taken to Brunswick Novant Medical Center in Supply, and one was flown to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington.

Although investigators are still unsure what caused the collapse, Ocean Isle Beach town leaders are calling on state lawmakers to take action to prevent it from happening again.

The house, which rents for about $10,000 weekly, is up to building code, and Mayor Pro Tem Dean Walters said Wednesday that might be the problem.

Local governments, he said, are not allowed to have building standards tougher than what the state of North Carolina requires.

"The tendency now is the laws and restrictions are getting easier and easier, and they should go the other way," Walters said.

Beachfront homes endure harsh winds, water, sand and dozens of people at a time, he said.

"There's a different environment, and we need to look at the laws, as far as building codes, that are directly affected by the environment at the beach," Walters said.

Visitors to Ocean Isle Beach said the deck collapse is alarming.

"It's scary, because you think these houses are developed and hurricane-proof, and then a family is on the deck taking a picture, which is something we have done," said Lindsay Montgomery.


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  • Big Mike Jul 10, 2013

    Obviously poor construction...should fall on the building inspectors of OI...they approved it!..

  • moomoo Jul 10, 2013

    1981--Who are u referring to as "they" and yes it is news even if those involved are not part of "your family" or "your friends". One can only assume (and yes I know what assume means)by your comment that if it does not affect you directly, then it is not news. :)s

  • whatdidusay Jul 10, 2013

    New government regulations coming!!!

  • LastSon1981 Jul 10, 2013

    Ok how is this news what are they trying to distract us from?

  • Obamacare rules Jul 10, 2013

    "Anyone notice that the planks all came down intact. If there were support beams under the deck...wouldn't they have split the planks? Were there no support beams under that deck?"

    They probably washed away during the last tropical storm and went out with the tide.

  • CaryTerp Jul 10, 2013

    Anyone notice that the planks all came down intact. If there were support beams under the deck...wouldn't they have split the planks? Were there no support beams under that deck?

  • mac240 Jul 10, 2013

    I'm sure this is Obama's fault for destroying the economy and forcing people to spend $10k a week on a rental!

  • java323 Jul 10, 2013

    A Wilmington newspaper reported that it was a family gathering on the deck to take a group photo. My first thought was a rowdy party as well.

  • southerntalent Jul 10, 2013

    ever see the scary balconies crowed full of people in New Orleans? cmon,crowding a bunch of people onto a balcony it is never gonna turn out great

  • Obamacare rules Jul 10, 2013

    "I have a feeling this was more of a family(s) gathering than 25 kids doing kegstands. This place rents for 10k a week. Not the typical college crowd weekly renter." Just saying.

    50 college kids at 200 a pop for the week. Not a bad vacation if you ask me.