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Death penalty sought in Durham tire store shooting

Posted May 2, 2012

— Durham County prosecutors said Wednesday that they plan to seek the death penalty against a man charged in a fatal March shooting at a local tire store.

O'Brian McNeil White, 24, of Durham, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of robbery with a dangerous weapon. He is being held without bond in the Durham County jail.

A gunman opened fire inside J.T. Tire, at 2202 E. Geer St., on March 23, killing store employee Naomi Wright, 65, and customer Abdelgadir Mergany Abdelganir, 32.

Store employee Terry Shaw, 51, and customer Javier Ramirez were critically wounded in the shooting.

Police have said that evidence at the shooting scene links White to the crime, but they have declined to be more specific.

Friends and relatives of White maintain that police have arrested the wrong man. They say officers picked White up simply because he has a tattoo on his face similar to one witnesses described on the gunman's face.

Army officials have listed White as a deserter, saying the private second-class went absent without leave from Fort Bragg in December 2009.


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  • sanebrain May 7, 2012

    The thing that all of you seem to miss is the value of freedom. The kill-them people think living in prison with minimum healthcare; death rates from diagnosed cancer in prison is three times the rate outside of prison and more teeth are pulled than saved; is a picnic. I would defend myself until death rather than live without freedom. Maybe all you Kill-Them people wouldn't.

    The biggest issue is known failure rate of our justice system. Over 30% of death penalty cases can be shown to be innocent beyond all doubt (reverse of our system) by 6 man-weeks of investigation by second year law students. This rate has stayed the same for over 20 years. So at least 30% over every person put to death over the last 20 years is innocent.

    Keeping these people alive contains the people who would use their positions of responsibility in government, such as DA's, governors, and police limited to some degree. Life in prision is cheap to keep this threat under some control.

  • MudLife May 2, 2012

    I'm all for the death penalty. Why should you kill someone and live life in prison. You get FREE food, air/heat, tv, and can go outside. The innocent person you killed doesn't get that. why should you be allowed to have your life when you robbed someone else of theirs??

  • MudLife May 2, 2012

    yea right..he'll stay locked up for life and will never see the death penalty.

  • patriotsrevenge May 2, 2012

    "Until punishment begins fitting the crime in NC, punishment will not be a deterent to crime. When our current punishment for a violent murder is free health care, free housing, and 3 free meals a day for life, and you get to hang out with your buddies all day and not have to work to survive, this sounds more like a reward for violent crime than a punishment. Maybe the "an eye for an eye" theory on crime would be a more effective deterence than the country club punishment they get today. If the criminals knew they would receive the same pain and suffering they put their victims through, they may not be as callous and cold-hearted."

    Yeah, locked in a cage and repeated gang raping...just what kind of country club do you belong to? I'll pass.

  • Bigotry_Is_Taught May 2, 2012

    Death penalty? What death penalty? He will get free food, free housing, and free medical care for the rest of his life thanks to the liberals.

  • SmokeWagon May 2, 2012

    ..."I would like to say that we as a society have no right to put someone to death...."

    ......however abortions happen by the thousands EVERY SINGLE YEAR without so much as a whimper.....!!!!!!! Roe v Wade is a death sentenance perpetrated upon babies it this "enlightened society" by the "progressive" entitlement sellers.....!!!

  • nufsaid May 2, 2012

    "I would like to say that we as a society have no right to put someone to death. It is a human instinct to want revenge but it should be noted that we are the only country in the western world that still uses the death penalty. Maybe we should take a page from the playbook of our European and Canadian friends and abolish the death penalty. For those of you that support it (and I am sure a lot of you are good ole southern "god fearing (whatever that means) folks). There is a bible verse that goes something like "vengeance is mine says the Lord." Lets keep that in mind as we discuss this.

    So are you pro choice?

  • SmokeWagon May 2, 2012

    LOL...police just love those tattoos...aka perp stamps....!!!! Watch ya gonna do when they come for you, bad boy, bad boy.......

  • OpenM1nd May 2, 2012

    Weren't they still looking for the right suspect?

  • cpdtg May 2, 2012

    Do not waste the time and money go for life without parole cause that is all u gonna get anyway His race did not play a role in the crime but will play a huge role in the punishment