Deadline looms for eugenics compensation fund

Posted June 27, 2014

— Monday is the deadline for victims of North Carolina's erstwhile forced sterilization program to apply for compensation.

As of Thursday, the state Office for Justice of Sterilization Victims had received 630 claim forms from potential Eugenics Board sterilization victims. The office has forwarded 465 of those to the state Industrial Commission, which handles all tort claims against the state and will be responsible for determining whether a claimant is eligible for compensation.

The remaining forms have been logged as valid claims and are either missing information or require additional research before they can be processed.

Lawmakers last year set aside $10 million in the state budget to provide compensation to victims of the eugenics program, which ran between 1929 and 1974. The exact payment per victim will depend on how many apply.

As many as 1,800 victims may still be alive, but as of last year, the state's efforts to find them had yielded only 176 people. Families of victims who have already died aren't eligible for compensation.

The Office of Justice for Sterilization Victims is trying to notify as many victims of the sterilization program as possible about the deadline to apply for compensation. The state sent about 1,000 direct-mail pieces to identified victims, made hundreds of telephone calls and partnered with other state agencies on outreach efforts.

For more information, including claim forms, people can check the Office of Justice for Sterilization Victims website or call 919-807-4270.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jul 3, 2014

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    That's an extremely short-sighted and self-destructive attitude. How would we, as a country, ever get anything done?

    For example, can you imagine how polluted everything would be if there wasn't a Superfund program to cleanup the environment after private companies dumped and ran?...and groups of people like you were sitting there with your arms crossed saying "I'm not paying for it"?

  • sunshine1040 Jun 30, 2014

    I believe that judges should still have the option of forced sterilization. You already have children and are not supporting them eith financially or physically then you should not be allowed to make more. And being in jail is not an excuse for not paying you chose to do the crime for which you were convicted. You have been convicted of abusing or killing a child or its mother you should not be able to make any more children. You forgot you put a child in the car and left it there then sorry you do not deserve the right to make more children. Note the word judge at the top as part of your sentence for crimes that you have convicted of

  • Ijaz Fahted Jun 30, 2014
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    Why does this need to become a partisan squabble? Has any good come out of pointing fingers at each other?

  • shawn36003 Jun 30, 2014

    After that amount of time, I do not believe anyone should be compensated. It was something that was forced and happened years ago and should not now come up under current law.

  • Ijaz Fahted Jun 30, 2014
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    What sound reasoning there boopr. I don't have kids, why should I have to pay for schools?!? Oh yeah, that's right everyone pays their portion of state taxes which in turn pays for all of those things we do and don't personally use.

  • Betty Lanier Jun 30, 2014
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    100 years? really? did we all jump into a time machine and it is now 2100 AD?

  • Anita Woody Jun 30, 2014

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    As long as you're a citizen of the State of NC you own what the State of NC does.

  • Ijaz Fahted Jun 30, 2014
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    Really? They had 100 years? That's odd, there aren't 100 years between 1929 and 2014.

    When did they start compensation for Eugenics? It ran from 1929 to 1974, when did they start the reparations process? Was that in 1974 right after they stopped forcing sterilization on citizens?

    I see your "outrage", and it certainly seems misplaced.

  • iopsyc Jun 30, 2014

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    I too pay taxes, so I am not spending someone else's money.

  • jmcdow2792 Jun 30, 2014

    Where is all the ranting at the Republicans for spending this money? The Democrats did nothing for many years.