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Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit to stay open until January

Posted December 9, 2008

— An exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences featuring fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls will stay open a little longer.

The museum said Tuesday that it has extended the display, initially set to close Dec. 28, until Sunday, Jan. 4 and that it will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., beginning Dec. 26. The exhibit, however, will be closed on New Year's Day.

On loan from the Israel Antiquities Authority, the exhibit features 12 scrolls as well as more than 100 everyday artifacts from Qumran, the ancient settlement where the scrolls were found along the northwest shore of the Dead Sea in what is now Israel.

Bedouin shepherds found fragments of the scrolls in a cave in 1947, and archaeologists discovered hundreds more in 11 caves over the next eight years.


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  • west3205 Dec 16, 2008

    HEREANDNOW - Just think how advanced our society would be if real things, like science....
    Lets see....Evolution works humans back through things like apes and further, and further back until an accident created life. The earth was build by many pieces of matter that circles around a ball of gas. The ball of gas was formed by a cloud of particles and the particles came from this thing called the big bang. Hmmm.... To me it is much easier to believe that an all powerful being "GOD" created us. If you look, at the big bang theory you will alway have another question as to where did it come from.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Dec 9, 2008

    This story just shows how many people here flock to such archaic folk tales. Just think how advanced our society would be if real things, like science, were greeted with the same enthusiasm as superstition...or college sports, for that matter. :-)

  • x3trig Dec 9, 2008

    Just so yall know the Dead Sea scrolls were kept out of the bible. The catholic church didn't agree with them depicting Jesus as a normal person.

  • curiousgeorgia Dec 9, 2008

    Whoa, Giovanni!! What you said is really scary, I hope you were joking, albeit weakly.

  • Transcoder Dec 9, 2008

    Re: Giovanni:
    No one has to be educated to post here (not even literate, in lots of cases). But when someone's complete and total ignorance of a subject shows up, it's just astonishing.

    Fake? Well, no, not at all: in fact, the Dead Sea Scrolls "include some of the only known surviving copies of Biblical documents made before 100 AD." The Scrolls include at least fragments from every book of the Old Testament, except perhaps for the Book of Esther, (and) provide a far older cross section of scriptural tradition than that available to scholars before." (quotes from Wikipedia)
    In other words, this IS the Bible: just about the oldest versions of the Bible there are. The Scrolls are precious beyond words, and you need to learn more.
    There are things called "libraries" you could go you, if you're interested.

  • patriotsrevenge Dec 9, 2008


    Huh? What in the world are you talking about, where exactly do you think the Bible came from?

  • giovanni777777 Dec 9, 2008

    The Bible should be displayed, not this junk. Why are people always embracing the fake over the real thing.