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Cyclist dies following weekend collision

Posted November 9, 2009

— A bicyclist has died from injuries he suffered in a weekend collision with a vehicle, authorities said Monday.

Devin Ray, 16, of Dunn, was riding a BMX-style bike when he was hit by a vehicle at about 8 p.m. Saturday night on an Interstate 95 service road outside Dunn, according to the state Highway Patrol.

Charges are pending against the driver, whose name hasn't been released.


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  • PeelAway1 Nov 9, 2009

    My car came with headlights and I switch them to on when it starts to get dark.

  • Nunya123 Nov 9, 2009

    BluHevn - which speedlimit? The maximum or the minimum? Most roads do not have a minimum so in reality they are doing the correct speed. Just because it is the maximum you can go on a road, doesn't mean it is the speed that has to be traveled. 65 means anything upto and including 65. Too bad most of you can't grasp that concept.

  • Nunya123 Nov 9, 2009

    BluHevn - there are roads that we can't ride on. They are called limited access highways. Other than that, we can ride anywhere we like as long as we follow the rules of the road. Also, we are not supposed to ride on sidewalks. The last part of the word should explain why.

  • Seeminglyopposed Nov 9, 2009

    BIGUNCFAN-I must have missed something for someone to say they feel sorry for the "Kid", but even more so for the "Driver". This child is DEAD, how much more of a price could he pay not to live to maybe even be old enough to drive a car? Maybe this child was careless for a second, but to be the callus in a statement in his family's despair is unhuman to say the least. And I wonder if it would be so easy to feel sorry for this "Driver" more if the "Kid" was yours or a family member?

  • Nunya123 Nov 9, 2009

    jbco - the majority of drivers fail to follow the rules of the road also. How many people do you see not signaling, speeding, failure to yield, riding in the right lane for miles on end and the list can go on and on. As a rider, I follow the rules of the road and am nearly run of the road everytime I ride. I ride as far to the right as is safe (even though I'm entitled to use the entire lane), stop at stop signs (nearly hit by the idiot trying to pass me at the stop sign), signal (nearly hit by the idiots who don't know what hand signals are). And yet, I still have to listen to the morons tell me to get off the road, I need to pay taxes (probably pay way more than most of these idiots since I drive a much nicer car and probably live in a much nicer home than those saying this to me) and roads are for cars (wonder how all that farm equipment gets back and forth to the fields). A word of advice to all of you, drivers and bicyclist, learn the rules of the road and quit complaining.

  • BluHevn Nov 9, 2009

    I think there are some roads that people should just not be allowed to ride a bicycle. I think they should only be allowed to ride in subdivisions with sidewalks. It's just too dangerous and makes no sense to ride a bicycle on the roads. If it can't go the posted speed limit, it shouldn't be allowed on the roads. You can't drive a go-kart, ATV, or a golf cart on the road, so why are people allowed to ride bicycles on roads? I hate that this kid died, but I just think it goes against all common sense to ride a bicycle on the road. Yes, you can get killed driving a car, but your chances of getting killed if you're in an accident while on a bicycle is MUCH greater. Plus, it creates a hazard for drivers as well.

  • DougWare.NET Nov 9, 2009

    I nearly hit a bicyclist two weeks ago in Garner at night...

    He was riding down the middle of a dark street (dressed in dark clothes and NO reflectors), and the only way I saw him was when it came between me and an oncoming car's (who also had to swerve to miss him) headlights.

  • jbco Nov 9, 2009

    "Share the Road" cracks me up. First of all, the reason bikes are permitted to "share the road" is because they are SUPPOSED to follow ALL rules of the road. The vast majority I observe follow NO rules of the road.

    Secondly, you can scream "share the road" all you want to but in the end, in a match of car v. bike, a car will win every time. Personally, I don't think my commute should be held up because someone wants to ride a bike on a busy road. We don't allow CARS to impede traffic. They must maintain a certain speed. Why is it ok for bikes? I have seen way too many near accidents because of someone trying to avoid a cyclist.

    But none of this is a comment on this tragic accident. I feel horrible for this boy and his family and also the family of the driver. I too wonder about the "charges" that could be filed. This sounds like a tragic accident. Unless, of course, he was impaired.

  • wiseowl Nov 9, 2009

    WXYZ - sharing the road is a two-way "street". cyclists want to be treated as equal entities on the roadways, correct? that means taking the proper precautions. you wouldn't be expected to "share the road" with a car going the wrong way with its lights off at night, would you?

    i am always careful around cyclists and i also am always shocked at how cavalier they are. stop signs, red lights, and lines painted on the roads seem to be mere suggestions to most cyclists, day or night.

  • Journey985 Nov 9, 2009

    "He was riding on a service road next to I-95, not on I-95. Service roads are not generally busy roads, not to mention, some people have houses right on the service roads off of Interstates." Yes, but he was riding at NIGHT, in jeans and a dark hoodie, and as I said "NEXT" to one of the busiest highways in America. I'll say it again, I feel terrible that such a young life has been lost, and that the driver that hit him will have to live with this the rest of their lives, but charges? Unless the driver was drunk I don't see what they will charge the driver with.