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Cumberland sheriff reassigns captain after investigation

Posted August 25, 2010

— A member of the command staff of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office was reassigned after an administrative investigation, spokeswoman Debbie Tanna said Wednesday.

Sheriff Earl R. Butler made the decision to reassign former Capt. Joseph Bert Cashwell, 48, Tanna said. The reasons for the internal investigation have not been disclosed.

Cashwell, 48, was removed from a supervisory position in the operations division last Saturday. He was reassigned as a deputy at the Cumberland County Detention Center.

Tanna said the move cut Cashwell's salary from $70,943 to $42,996.

Cashwell was hired in 1991 as a part-time bailiff at the detention center. He was hired by the sheriff's office in June 2001 and was promoted to captain of the operations division in June 2007.


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  • truth.1979 Aug 26, 2010

    Clan should be clean. LOL

  • truth.1979 Aug 26, 2010

    @edits Yes im a parent and raised them to be productive in society. I keep them away from the virus this county has let grow. Sorry to generalized the statement to all, but it is a problem. Anyways the topic above is really about the person behind the badge. Do we pay tax dollars for professionals to do the right things? If so, its time to clan house.

  • edits Aug 26, 2010

    @truth.1979, let me tell you something. I have am raising two girls, 14 and 19, as a single parent and working a full time job. My children do not leave the house dressed like they are being pimped out and they do give two cents about adults and cops. I am sure there are plenty of other parents that do not fall into line with what you have just said about them, true there are some parents who don't do their jobs but that was a generalized statement at all of us who do. Are you a parent?

  • truth.1979 Aug 26, 2010

    All I was saying is their is more to the department than you think. As far as the SRO go I agree we need them, but come on if parents will do their job and quit letting their sons look like getto wanna be gangsters and daughters looking like they are being pimped we wont have issues at school. Discipline starts at home not school due to an officer being present. Anyways these kids over the age of forteen dont give two cents about adaults or cops.

  • edits Aug 26, 2010

    Hi, I don't know where you were going with your comments regarding the SRO's, it made no sense, who said anything about confrences. The SRO's should be paid well considering what they have to deal with, especially in the high schools. You are most likely not old enough to have children that age, or may not have children at all. When and if you ever do I believe your opinion of SRO's will change. Mine did because things are not like they used to be. I would rather have them there than not. And also to let you know, my tax money was paying for a deputy that was stalking my daughter, to the point he came to our home and put his business card on her car, she's 19 and he is 40+. CEO's haven't screwed America, America has screwed itself.

  • thepeopleschamp Aug 26, 2010

    "Just like the CEO's that screwed America." truth.1979

    Really? You're saying SRO's have screwed America just like CEO's? Congrats on getting The Over Exaggeration Of The Day Award. (What is a "wall confress" anyway?)

  • truth.1979 Aug 25, 2010

    @edits I Understand your point, but before you back up these SRO's. Do you believe that they should make more money in cushy jobs and attend some of the wall confress which our taxes pay for so that they can get drunk? Sort of like a vacation on offical business. Just like the CEO's that screwed America.

  • edits Aug 25, 2010

    @lab mom. I thought the same thing, rough life possibly

  • edits Aug 25, 2010

    @truth.1979 I can tell you from my recent experience within the last three weeks with an errant deputy that Steve Bizzell doesn't tolerate inappropriate behavior by his LEOs. As for the school resource officers, they have a big job to do, keep our kids as safe as possible and pretty much play baby sitter all day, I for one am glad they are in the schools, if for nothing else but to be a deterrent.

  • sunneyone Aug 25, 2010

    Because fondling someone isn't worthy of a demotion? This is real life, not an episode of Reno 911.