Cumberland officials can't agree on incentives plan for chicken plant

Posted September 16, 2014

Residents who live near a Cumberland County site being considered for a $113 million poultry plant are divided. Some residents say if Sanderson Farms builds the massive new plant, property values will drop, especially because of the odor that come with poultry plants.

— An incentives package to attract a chicken processing plant and an estimated 1,000 jobs to Cumberland County is on hold, officials said Tuesday.

Sanderson Farms is looking at building a $113 million plant in the Cedar Creek Business Center, a county-owned 480-acre industrial park east of Interstate 95. In addition to the jobs at the plant, the company would contract with about 80 chicken farms in a five-county area to supply the plant.

Residents who live nearby have been vocal against building the plant, however, citing concerns about the smell, noise, pollution and potential water contamination that might be associated with it.

Board of Commissioners members Charles Evans and Marshall Faircloth said the board didn't have enough votes at a Monday night meeting to move forward on an incentives package for Sanderson.

Sanderson spokesman Bob Billingsley said that the company isn't deterred by the lack of action on incentives, and engineers continue to evaluate the Cumberland County property before make a final decision in October or November on whether to build the plant.


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  • btneast Sep 18, 2014

    Jobs are more important than pollution and water????? Typical GOP mentality. As long as the corporate masters are happy, to heck with everyone and everything else.
    Get with reality. No facility can be built without going through the permitting process, which means all aspects have to meet code....not just structurally, but every aspect. The waste water discharge has to meet state and local regulations......this is nothing new.

  • Christopher Byrne Sep 17, 2014
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    Amen! We need the jobs here in Hoke. Best post yet!

  • housemanagercary Sep 17, 2014

    Take the plant to northern Cumberland Co near Dunn. They'll be happy for the jobs and it can be in the middle of farm fields and not disturb anyone. Everyone who built or bought a house next to the INDUSTRIAL PARK should be told to zip it.

  • Sonja Yagel Sep 17, 2014
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    Why can't this company re-locate to the House of Raeford since that turkey plant shut down? Its already built for bird processing.

  • Mannin Black Sep 17, 2014
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    People keep asking Obama where are the jobs. The people against this plant just answered their own question.

  • stymieindurham Sep 17, 2014

    Kiss these jobs goodbye!!!!!!!!!!

  • Classified Sep 17, 2014

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    Unfortunately this is an area that’s attractive to this kind of industry, reasonably close to 95, cheap land, cheap taxes and an endless supply of cheap labor.

  • European American Sep 17, 2014

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    Jobs are more important than pollution and water????? Typical GOP mentality. As long as the corporate masters are happy, to heck with everyone and everything else.

  • Earth Brooks Sep 17, 2014

    Meat processing plants are following the exact laws that are required for hiring employees. All employees are verified through the governement's E-Verify program. The government needs to figure out how the illegals are able to have ID's and SS cards that verify as valid and current in their own system. It isn't the companies fault if they are going by the information that they receive from the US Government.

    If the illegals have IDs that verify as valid, then how is requiring IDs to vote going to keep the illegals from voting?

  • Christopher Byrne Sep 17, 2014
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    The reason illegals come-a-flockin' is because local citizens are too darn sorry and feel entitled to $50,000 a year for doing nothing! JOBS!!! This is about jobs. And those complaining about home values? Majority are established on family land and y'all aren't going anywhere and you're unlikely to sell to anyone. You'll deed it to your low-life children where they'll abandon it cause they won't pay the taxes, yada-yada. Built the plant and create the jobs!