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Cumberland County to suspend 401(k) match

Posted June 26, 2009

— Employees of Cumberland County government will no longer see a matching contribution in their 401(k) retirement accounts starting July 1.

The county suspended the one percent 401(k) match as a cost-cutting measure, spokeswoman Sally Shutt said. County Manager James Martin estimated that the county could save about $650,000 in the process.

The county plans to hold the money back to pay for programs the state cuts, County Attorney Grainger Barrett said. The county expects to see less money from the state once the legislature passes a budget for the next fiscal year.

Barrett said the county would restore any unused money to the employees next year.


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  • Sarge Jun 26, 2009

    it's not "Hope and Change" it's "hope you have some change left in your pocket" before it's done!

  • affirmativediversity Jun 26, 2009


    need we remind you that Cumberland Co. did 401K match during the past 8 years...

    Oh and North Carolina had a couple of BILLION in SURPLUS, and EDUCATION TRUST FUND and A RAINY DAY FUND during the past 8 years.

    So I'm not sure what planet or third world country you've lived in for the past 8 years BUT the USA was doing JUST FINE until the DEMOCRATS took over CONGRESS in 2006.

    Maybe you should check your facts...but then again, you're probably somebody that thinks Al Gore won in 2000 and John Kerry is a war hero....

  • ghimmy51 Jun 26, 2009

    gee folks were you asleep during the 8 years that got us into this sad state and just woke up in January?

  • larieke Jun 26, 2009

    The Government? "...restore unused money"? Sounds like a Foxworthy joke.

  • affirmativediversity Jun 26, 2009

    Face it...you're not EVER seeing that money again!

    Thanks DEMOCRATS for all this really great "HOPE AND CHANGE"!!

    Hey, doesn't TONY RAND hail from Cumberland County? THEN THEY GET WHAT THEY VOTED FOR!