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Crews to patch parts of I-40 in preparation for road rebuild

Posted August 9, 2013
Updated October 25, 2013

— State Department of Transportation crews will begin patching parts of Interstate 40 Monday to prepare the highway for the I-40/I-440 Rebuild – the massive project to rebuild an 11.5-mile stretch of the road over the next three years. 

In a release, DOT officials said the patching will help fortify parts of the roadway prior to the beginning of major construction. 

Crews will begin in the westbound lanes near the Rock Quarry Road interchange, and they will do work in eastbound and westbound lanes between Exit 293 (Interstate 440/U.S. Highway 1/64) and Exit 301 (I-40/440 split). 

Work will occur between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., officials said, and drivers may encounter nighttime lane and shoulder closures for the next several months.

Drivers may not see significant delays due to the patching project, but they should use caution when approaching work crews, watch for construction signs, stay alert and obey posted speed limits.

Construction will begin in earnest early in 2014, closing as many as two lanes in each direction. Work will be done in phases, with construction on the I-440 leg of the project set to begin in January. Once that work is done, the work on Interstate 40 will begin.

Officials said they hope to have all work completed by the end of August 2016.


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  • Bendal1 Aug 12, 2013


    Parts of I-40 have indeed been repaved, some as recently as just a few years ago.

    And that's what it was; a thin layer paved over what was underneath. This project is going to tear out the entire road and rebuild it from the ground up, because the entire pavement structure is starting to fail. Oh, and it will be done under traffic too, which is why it is so expensive and why it will take 3 years to do.

    And the roads you mentioned are mostly city streets. Take it up with Raleigh.

  • cjgill306 Aug 12, 2013

    Come on, DOT! I-40 has been repaved at least three times since I moved here in 2006! Yet, absolutely zero work has been done to improve the condition of Wake Forest Rd in either direction north of Peace College, and the entirety of Blount St. My car rattles incessantly when I drive on Blount St from Peace College heading downtown. When are these roads going to be improved?

  • Can't_Be_Banned Aug 12, 2013

    This is why younger generations don't like cars. Beltways and SUV's are for old people.

    Huh? I thought the younger generation wasnt driving because they cant afford to put gas in their cars

  • Cock a doodle doo Aug 9, 2013

    "How many times has 40 been repaved????? Some many other roads are falling apart yet they keep working on the same things. Government efficiency at its best" -kbkline

    Maybe you should apply to to NC State . They have a great engineering college where you can learn why. Or maybe you can google Newton and read up on some physics. While it has a lot of variables, the gist of the reason can be found in basic physics. This isn't just putting down some patching, this is a total reconstruction people!!!!!

  • Cock a doodle doo Aug 9, 2013

    it was just "rebuilt" three years ago!! srsly! what is the problem DOT just give the construction companies kickbacks and skip the theatre of false improvements shouldnt WRAL be investigating this ?!?!?

    No it wasn't and if you haven't been made privy as to why this construction project must be done and done now you've been living under a rock.

  • bwaredapenguin Aug 9, 2013

    @Sans, it's 11.5 miles of highway in both directions, making that 23 miles. Considering that most stretches of road in the construction area are 3-5 lanes wide (I'll go with 4 as an average) that makes 92 miles of lane. Also considering that they have to dig down and rip up not only the asphalt, but the concrete base down to the bedrock (at least 2.5-3 feet) and that lanes are a minimum of 12 feet wide, that mean they will have to rip up, AND THEN REPLACE over 1,214,400 cubic feet of asphalt and concrete. Then you remember that they can only work in small sections at a time to keep part of the road open for motorists, there will most likely be significant rain delays, and work must cease at a certain temperature (otherwise the materials won't set properly), I'm amazed they're able to do this in ONLY 3 years!

  • cdurham Aug 9, 2013

    Raleigh boy- taking the roads thru town will denigrate the existing neighborhoods.

  • bill15 Aug 9, 2013

    This is why younger generations don't like cars. Beltways and SUV's are for old people.

  • SanS Aug 9, 2013

    Wow, three years for only 11 miles of highway, seems like they need better contrators....but I'm not surprized as it seems like the NCDOT takes too long to any major road work. I know their are better and faster contractors avaialable.

  • raleighboy524 Aug 9, 2013

    The real cost problem is building roads that go around town, the long way, rather than through, the shortest way. Stop making drivers go around their elbow to get to their thumb -- and create some routes directly across Raleigh. That would speed things up, cost less.