Crews putting final touches on new section of I-440 in Fortify zone

Posted July 11, 2014

— As the Fortify project picks up steam during the summer months, Triangle drivers will soon get their first look at newly paved travel lanes east of downtown Raleigh. 

By the end of July, Granite Construction will shift traffic on Interstate 440 West from old lanes to new lanes between the Interstate 40/440 split and U.S. Highway 64/264, state Department of Transportation officials said Friday.

Paving in two lanes of I-440 West is complete, and crews are working to prep the stretch of highway for cars, including adding lane striping and making concrete barriers that will keep cars where they need to be as work continues on the two old lanes. Crews are also working on the median between eastbound and westbound lanes.

DOT officials are planning to release more specific details about the shift in the next week. 

Crews are also continuing paving work on I-440 East, and traffic will be shifted onto new lanes on that side of the highway by mid-August. 

Once the paving on I-440 is done, crews will shift their attention to I-40, which makes up the bulk of the 11.1-mile rebuild project. 

Although no major work is ongoing along I-40, there is bridge prep work and shoulder paving to prepare the road for the major portion of the project.


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  • Smart Alex Jul 11, 2014

    I drive it every day and it hasn't been so bad. Plus, they are always working. I'd say that is a good job!

  • defstitch Jul 11, 2014

    Good job! I wish Cumberland County construction moved at least 1/3 of this pace!

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Jul 11, 2014

    I drive it daily and although I don't love it, I think they are doing a pretty good job for such a major construction project.

  • Chip Dipson Jul 11, 2014
    user avatar

    Please go back to referring to them as the inner and outer loops. East and West don't mean much when the road forms a circle

  • John Ragan Jul 11, 2014
    user avatar

    What an absolute mess....I had the "pleasure" of driving thru there earlier this week. I'm glad i don't have to daily

  • Big Mike Jul 11, 2014

    Thankful to live off the beaten path where back country two lane roads are as bad as it gets.