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Crafty Mom: More St. Patrick's Day crafts

Posted March 14, 2013

Genny Upton inspired me with her suncatcher rainbows the other day to get a little crafty with my kids.

One of my daughters was recovering from the stomach bug (who else is tired of all of these winter's illnesses?!). We all needed a fun, quiet afternoon activity.

So I searched around and came up with these very easy crafts that you can do with items found around the house.

1. Handprint shamrocks: I stole this idea from my older daughter's Y Princess tribe. All you need is green paint, paper and a hand. To make the shamrock shape, have your child dip her hand in the paint and stamp four handprints on the paper to make a shamrock shape. We made it so that the fingers from each handprint touched.

2. 3D Rainbow Wreath: I found this craft idea on It's a fantastic way to get rid of crepe or tissue paper. My eight-year-old loved making this wreath. You need a paper plate, crepe or tissue paper in rainbow colors, glue and a pencil.

Cut out the center of a paper plate. Cut small squares of the crepe or tissue paper - about one or two inches square. Squeeze a line of glue around the plate. Twist a piece of the paper around the eraser end of a pencil and stick in the glue. Repeat. You can create a rainbow by starting with red and working toward the center with orange, yellow, green, etc. Or you can do as my daughter did - use the colors in any order you choose. Making a 3D rainbow wreath

I thought that my three-year-old was a little young for the time and patience it takes to complete this craft, but she wanted to try anyway. So instead of wrapping the paper around a pencil and gluing it that way, she just stuck the paper on the plate.

3. St. Patrick's Day Rainbow and Cloud: I thought this craft from Everything Except the Grill blog would be easy for my three-year-old (who ended up wanting to do exactly what her sister was doing). So I made this while they worked on their wreaths. All you need is some card stock or a paper plate, crepe or tissue paper, cotton balls and glue.

The blog recommends cutting half of a paper plate to make the base for the cloud. Instead, my older daughter came up with the idea of using light blue card stock cut out in the shape of a semi circle for the sky behind the cloud. Simply glue the cotton balls onto the paper or plate for your "cloud." Then glue on strips of tissue or crepe paper in rainbow colors.


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