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Crabtree Valley Mall turns 40

Posted August 2, 2012

Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh is marking its 40th year in operation Thursday with a 1970s-inspired celebration that is open to the public.

The event, from 6 to 9 p.m. in the mall, is themed to commemorate the era in which the mall opened.

Mall founder and owner Sam Longiotti said it took more than 10 years of planning and development to break ground on the site. It now serves 12 million customers a year, and its growth has spurred planned improvement projects for U.S. Highway 70 and Creedmoor Road.

“When the planning for Crabtree Valley Mall first began, this area of Raleigh was still a wide expanse of trees,” he said. “The amount of development and growth the community has experienced in the 40 years since the mall opened is astonishing, and, as an organization, we are so proud to be part of that legacy.”

Crabtree Valley Mall, which is 1.4 million square feet, is among the top 5 percent in the country for occupancy, Longiotti said.


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  • eb2cents Aug 2, 2012

    OMGosh! I had forgotten I was 15 years old and skipping class from Cary High School to check out the new mall! Yes, fond memories of a naughty girl skipping school! :-(

  • klink Aug 2, 2012

    ahh fond memories..smoking cigarettes in the arcade in the back of GC Murphy's hahahah good times!

  • jenniegreen Aug 2, 2012

    Not only did they cut down the trees, the paved over the original campsite and training ground of the 26NC from 1861.

  • redapace Aug 2, 2012

    I remember when it was a field of grass. We rode by there one day and dad said "they are going to build a shopping center right there that will be bigger than North Hills", and I said "no way!".

  • AX MAN Aug 2, 2012

    Is there a birthday cake ?

  • Corporal Snark Aug 2, 2012

    Excellent. I have fond memories of eating at the Piccadilly Cafeteria there when I was a little boy.

  • gingerlynn Aug 2, 2012

    Psuedonym - and ask his insurance company what they think of putting a mall in a flood plain. I did find a few pics.

  • Pseudonym Aug 2, 2012

    Quote from the mall's founder: “When the planning for Crabtree Valley Mall first began, this area of Raleigh was still a wide expanse of trees...”

    He says that as if a wide expanse of trees in a flood plain is a bad thing and that it's good that he tore down the trees in a flood plain and replaced them with overpriced stores, mediocre restaurants, and a giant warehouse full of aimless teenagers wandering around.

  • Ms.Manda Aug 2, 2012

    I was just there last night. They have this MASSIVE gold disco ball hanging from the center court...my 6 yr old son thought it was the greatest thing he had ever seen.

  • DivaD Aug 2, 2012

    Yes, some pictures would be nice....