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Court ruling puts some Wake SPCA adoptions on hold

Posted April 2, 2012

— A judge has given ownership of 88 dogs seized last month from a suspected puppy mill at a rural Jones County property back to the property owners, Wake County SPCA officials said Monday.

The SPCA, the Guilford County Animal Shelter and a veterinarian's office where one dog remains hospitalized had planned to put the animals up for adoption, but the judge's ruling puts those plans on hold indefinitely.

The Jones County couple has been charged with 63 counts of animal cruelty.

“The owners say they were not operating a puppy mill, but no matter if it’s termed a puppy mill or animal hoarding, either way the law was being broken," SPCA spokeswoman Mondy Lamb said in a statement. "What is not up for debate is the conditions the dogs were living in, which were inhumane and which were documented by the law enforcement officials. When this case goes to court, this evidence will be presented. Until then, our most pressing concern is the health of the dogs."

Not having ownership of the dogs puts the SPCA in an awkward position because more than a third of the seized dogs are either receiving antibiotics to fight infections or pain medications, officials said. Technically, the SPCA cannot provide medical care to the animals if it doesn't have ownership of them.

The hold impacts incoming pets to the SPCA shelter as well, Lamb said.

“Because we had planned on adopting them all out this week, it does hinder our ability to take in additional animals," she said. "We are organizing some possible solutions to this dilemma."


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  • mypack Apr 6, 2012

    Oh $PCA! Are you whining that your kennels are full and stopping you from making $? Great appeal.

  • mydvgstudio Apr 5, 2012

    Who is this judge and her contact number I will post it all over Face book for JUSTICE for these pups...thanks

  • mydvgstudio Apr 5, 2012

    Unitedbreeders! Not if the living creatures not a drug dealers piece of metal car! But a life you know what that is right? They deserve better! These folks should be locked up it is trash like this, breeding for money!!That is a huge problem. NO one stops to think about what those dogs want! A clean bed, water food and not to be a cash cow for people who clearly if they were dping right...would not have been BUSTED!

  • aliput5 Apr 4, 2012

    "The owner, whose name was not released, surrendered the dogs to authorities. It is unclear if anyone has been charged." The owner should haved signed off on a surrender form. Hopefully, this was not a verbal agreement.

    If the previous article on WRAL was accurate and indeed the animals were surrended, the dogs would be the property of the authorities who could do what they want with them.

    If ownership had been retained by the owner, the dogs must be boarded usually at the county facility until trial. If the shelter fills up, animals other then those involved in the case would have to be placed or euthanized. I am not sure where money costs for medical and boarding would fall in this situation.

  • luvnanimal Apr 4, 2012

    Shame on You "unitedbreeders", its obvious where you stand. As a volunteer at the SPCA I know our animals are very well taken care of. We also have licensed vets caring for our animals. These dogs suffered horrific conditions and you think thats OK because they are property and who cares.... Hopefully someone will be busting you too as I imagine you have something similar going on and need to protect your "investments"... Absolutely Disgusting!!!

  • unitedbreeders Apr 3, 2012

    Perhaps, you would feel differently if someone suspected you of dealing drugs, took your car and then tried to resell it the next weekend, before you even go to court and are found guilty of drug dealing.
    We are giving all our rights away to these "rescues" the moment we say they can take someones property and resell it (adopt out) before the people are even found guilty.
    Puppy mill, hoarder or not, these people deserve the right to be judged in court and they have the right to their property until proven guilty. The judge did the right thing. The SPCA is illegally treating these animals(they are not licensed vets) There is no way now to know what problems the animals came in with vs what they acquired while in the possession of the shelter. The animals must not be in that bad of shape if they can already be resold "adopted out"

  • bigboohoo Apr 3, 2012

    Wait hold on!? Mondy Lamb said 1/3 of the dogs needed anitbiotics and pain meds and the now the SPCA wasnt allowed to treat these dogs due to the new ruling but that she has expected to adopt out ALL the dogs THIS weekend. So which is it? Are these dogs well enough to be adopted out or are they so ill that they need medical care and the judgement is really detrimental to their health. I am tired of the SPCA's double speak.

  • rescuefan Apr 3, 2012

    And there are people who constantly state that our animal cruelty laws are sufficient and only need to be enforced better. Sure, we have wonderful animal cruelty laws. See what happens to these poor animals? They get returned to their abusers.

  • Scubagirl Apr 3, 2012

    What this judge has done is to effectively set BACK animal protection laws. I am appalled that she would even CONSIDER returning ownership of these neglected and abused dogs to the puppy mill owner. The only thing I can figure is the owners and Ms Judge are buddies. Not only should they NEVER get another dog, they should be required to reimburse for ALL medical care these poor animals received. Hoping that common sense and decency prevail in this and the animals are protected. This judge needs to be voted OUT by the good folks in Jones Co.

  • Whatchawannaknofer Apr 2, 2012

    63 counts of animal cruelty, and a judge gives them back to the owners? He must be crazy. Praying for those poor animals who seem to have no legal custodian in their corner.