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Court Deals Birth Mother Blow in Fight for Adopted Twins

Posted July 16, 2007

— A Florida appellate court has upheld a decision to terminate the parental rights of a woman charged with kidnapping her twins from their adoptive parents last December.

Allison Lee Quets, 49, has been indicted on two counts of international parental kidnapping after her twins, who were 17 months old at the time, weren't returned to their adoptive parents in Apex after a routine weekend visit. Quets was arrested a week later in Ottawa, Ontario, and the children were returned to the Apex couple.

Quets has been fighting for custody of the children since shortly after giving them up for adoption. She has said she signed the adoption papers under duress and was ill after a suffering medical problems during her pregnancy.

The Florida First District Court of Appeals recently upheld a lower court's ruling terminating Quets' parental rights in the case. Her supporters have started a petition drive to have the court issue an opinion in the case, which would allow them to appeal it to the state Supreme Court.

Quets is being held without bond at the Franklin County Jail.


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  • Mom on Call Jul 16, 2007

    Sunne and methinks...
    Also in that same show, when she signed the adoption papers the second time the adoptive parents were not even in the state of Florida. Allison called and left the a voicemail to come get them and they had to make other arrangements for the babies until they could get there to Florida. Allison left them at the lawyers office and went on vacation!!!! There was no duress...the courts have made a right and true decision.

  • Sunne Jul 16, 2007

    methinks - A couple of months ago, Ms. Quets was on a talk show (Montel)with her attorney and her sister. They gave the same story that you've read; however, Montel asked about the second time she signed the adoption papers, which neither she nor her attorney had mentioned during their statements. Ms. Quets said that a couple of days later she was sick and decided to give them up for adoption a second time. I know very little about the disease she says she had, but her story wasn't believable. She did not do a great job of explaning her actions except to say she was ill.

  • Granny Jul 16, 2007

    I think that the courts made the right decision. My Dad was given up for adoption when he was a baby, and as a Mother of 2 I will never understand how you can carry a precious child that the Lord has blessed you with and give it up, or harm it in anyway. There are so many women out there that truly want children and cannot have them.

  • methinks Jul 16, 2007

    Sunne, I have not heard that before. Where did you get your info? You have more than any that I have seen and would love to read it myself.

  • susjomiller Jul 16, 2007

    SWW/Rev RB- I have seen your comments on other pages and generally agreed with them. If not, I at least saw your compassion shine through. NOT anymore.

    To talk about adoptive parenting being successful and then talking about animals? That is an insult to all adoptive parents (and children)!

    I am the mother of both biological and adoptive children- and i do not love one more than the other. I have three beautiful children that i love with all my heart. While i would not give up the memory of carrying and giving birth, that is NOT why i love my child (that would be saying that i HAD love love them because of that, wouldn't it?) I love my children for the wonderful individuals they are becoming, not because of their DNA!

    People who think like that are the ones who truly do not understand what REAL parents are- they are not defined by DNA, but by the unconditional love and nurturing they provide. How very sad a world you must live in to define family so narrowly.

  • Sunne Jul 16, 2007

    Something that I have not read is that the birth mother had a second chance and she did change her mind. When she went to the attorney's office with her boyfriend and called 911, the adoption was cancelled. A couple of days later, she signed the papers again.

  • Adelinthe Jul 16, 2007

    Some of you have little understanding of the law, and even less compassion. Just because you had a rough pregnancy but never thought of giving your babies up doesn't mean everyone is like that. You're not the issue here, and every pregnancy is different. Furthermore, the only thing age has to do with this is discrimination so let’s not go there.

    This woman did everything she could to get her babies back, but the processes and courts have stifled her at every turn. I wish she still had them with her somewhere in the great beyond of Canada, raising them as a loving birth mother can.

    That's not to say that adoptive parents can't raise a child as well as a birth parent. There are hundreds upon thousands of cases where dogs and cats nurture their young better than some birth parents.

    It's only saying this woman made a mistake and then tried to rectify it and was stymied in every instance.

    Praying for her and HER children.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • kswilliams0923 Jul 16, 2007

    I too have a message for Spring- I do not know your age but, you should certainly not assume that a person of any age is not a wonderful mother. I had my first child at 38 after trying for 10 years. We are thrilled and I am a very good mother. Everyone did not start having children when they were very young. By the way you did not mention your age. I'm just wondering what age makes you "cool".

    I wish Ms. Quets all the best and pray for her and the children.

  • Yelena Jul 16, 2007

    eastncgal, How can you justify your words? These people adopted these babies that were UNWANTED. This woman didn't have the babies by accident. She TRIED like crazy to get pregnant, then tossed them away when she realised that being a single mother would be difficult. She had a hard pregnancy. Big deal. Lots of us have had hard pregnancies. Do things in the right order, get married or into a stable, long term relationship, then perhaps you have a back up plan when things go wrong. For all her money, this woman is an idiot and I hope she spends YEARS upon YEARS in jail for what she has done.

    Adoptive parents need more rights, not less. This woman never should have seen those babies after giving them away.

  • Mom on Call Jul 16, 2007

    Oh yes, I have friends who have suffered with HR during thier pregnancies and they never once thought of adoption. In fact, most of the moms who have survived HR are appaled that the national organization is using Allison as a "poster child" type figure. Hope the HR folks come to thier senses.