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Couple gets prison time for defrauding Cisco Systems

Posted September 29, 2010
Updated September 30, 2010

— A former Triangle couple and a Hendersonville man were sentenced Wednesday to federal prison for hatching a scheme to defraud Cisco Systems Inc. of more than $20 million, authorities said.

Mario Easevoli, 33,of Port Charlotte, Fla., was sentenced to 12½ years in prison, while Jennifer Easevoli, 29, of Oro Valley, Ariz., was sentenced to nine years in prison. Jason Allan Conway, 34, received a four-year sentence.

They also were ordered to pay Cisco a total of $21.7 million in restitution.

All three pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering, and Mario Easevoli and Conway also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

Mario Easevoli was the founder and president of Synergy Communications Corp., his wife served as company vice president and Conway was a company employee, authorities said.

An investigation by the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service determined the Easevolis and Conway used dozens of fake names and fictitious companies to obtain replacement parts from Cisco, a leading manufacturer of routers and other computer network equipment. The parts were shipped to private mailboxes at UPS stores in eight states, authorities said.

The replacement parts were provided under a Cisco program that allows customers to obtain technical support and parts without first returning a failed or defective part. Synergy Communications submitted fraudulent claims for replacement parts between January 2003 and July 2005 and then sold the parts to others, depositing the proceeds into a company bank account.

“These crimes may seem intangible to the general public, but when companies lose millions of dollars to hackers who socially engineer scams, customers end up paying the price,” Owen Harris, special agent-in-charge of the FBI in North Carolina, said in a statement.


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    Hey... they don't call it WHITE collar crime for nothing.

    I can guess what color you are, Racists!!

  • deannaandgrace2 Sep 30, 2010

    HA! how'd that work out for ya?!?!?!

  • ghimmy51 Sep 30, 2010

    I find it interesting to read the faces. The boss says "there's gotta be a way out of this". The girl says "what have I done to my life?" The employee says (sorry can't say that here). But they're all correct. It just got WORSE.

  • wildcat Sep 30, 2010

    Now they face their own consequences when they never thought they would be caught.

  • we_all_have_it_coming Sep 30, 2010

    Hey... they don't call it WHITE collar crime for nothing.

  • HangOnThere Sep 30, 2010

    Ha Ha, that punk got what he deserved! Wonder if he still owns part of that Oliver Twist restaurant in Raleigh?

  • bronzegoddess40 Sep 30, 2010

    Can people who are not a minority "pull the proverbial race card" or do they just notice the differences? I'm just asking?

  • YourMom Sep 30, 2010

    ncmickey: out of curiosity, what other current articles in particular are you comparing this one to? i'd like to read them.

  • ncmickey Sep 30, 2010

    Whatever helps you sleep at night.....

    And Im white.... just noticing the reporting differences and posters attitudes are different.....

  • YourMom Sep 30, 2010

    ncguy: lol! so true!