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Couple found slain in Robeson home

Posted July 18, 2012

— Robeson County authorities were investigating after a couple was found shot to death Wednesday morning inside a home southeast of Lumberton.

Paul Adams, 62, and Kathy Adams, 57, were found dead by their son in the master bedroom at 9833 Old Whiteville Road at about 10 a.m., authorities said.

Investigators were treating the case as a double homicide, and authorities sent the bodies to Southeast Regional Medical Center for autopsies.

No other details were released.


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  • justabumer Jul 18, 2012

    @ bella23
    Lumberton is a city, not a county.

  • CarolinianByChoice Jul 18, 2012

    To Mr. & Mrs. Adam's family you have my heartfelt condolences

    To Lessismore: You know everything you need to conduct a proper homicide investigation given the 3 short paragraphs in the report? Well by golly why haven’t you come forth before? Think of ALL the time you could have saved LEOs by just “knowing” everything! Why don’t you tell us when this couple died, as well as what kind of weapon and ammo was used? And please do tell us how to get to the ammo for ballistics testing without an autopsy. By the way, would you also please tell us all about the physical evidence that was found during the procedure you see no reason to perform? And since you can figure all that out without an autopsy, why don't you tell us who did it?

    ToScoDan, don’t you know that is the Republican’s New Jobs Plan! The superpacs hire people to troll about websites and introduce negative comments about Obama into conversations, no matter how irrelevant the comments are!

  • They call me CATMAN Jul 18, 2012

    Praying for the victims. Hope they catch the person or persons that did this.

  • ScoDan Jul 18, 2012

    So the people who keep bringing up Obama when these such stories come out really need to get a life and get off it. Two people died here. What does this have to do with Obama? Just stop it already. Find something better to do than post anti-Obama mess on these sites and find another hobby. Prayers go out to the family of the ones who have died.

  • SmokeWagon Jul 18, 2012

    ..."So if you wanna blame Obama, don't blame him for wanting to take your guns away, as there's no evidence to support that claim. Blame him for doing nothing. And in doing nothing, therein potentially lies the real tragedy.... -V-A-V-A-V-..."

    Yea...IF you do NOT want to own a firearm...you don't have to...HOWEVER if you don't want Nomobamas health care you will be fined and taxed of you hard earned $cash$....!!! Now HOW smart is THAT...you see what you sheep have done to America...??????

  • I know some stuff Jul 18, 2012

    yup, we need more guns in the hands of civilians.
    Then we won't have to worry about foreign terrorists killing us, we'll be doing it ourselves. See, there's a 'job' we won't have to outsource anymore!

  • piene2 Jul 18, 2012

    "what in the world is going on in this world today last week a couple got shot and now this couple got shot the violence got to stop it makes no sence

    Well get used to it. The more the Yahoos run around toting their six shooters, the more the criminals will shoot first and look for a gun later. It is something like proactive self defense on the part of the criminals.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Jul 18, 2012

    kelly - "Just wondering if the guy who killed that officer had something to do with the homicide."

    That guy was apprehended at the site of the officer's shooting.

    But who knows where he went and what he did before the convenience store.


  • scifion Jul 18, 2012

    >>"Just the way Obama wants it. Division."

    You are out of your mind.

  • OneLove Jul 18, 2012

    lessismore ~ they may need to know about angles and trajectories of the injury and of course, if the bullet is inside, they'll need that for a match. It's necessary.