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Couple donates bench in Cooper's honor

Posted September 24, 2008

— An anonymous donor will provide a granite bench to be placed in Cary's Regency Park in honor of Nancy Cooper.

Cooper, a Cary mother of two, was found dead in July, two days after her husband said she went for a run. Her case is considered a homicide, but police haven't said they have any suspects.

Friends said she loved to run the greenways at Regency Park.

A local couple, who are in the granite business but wished to remain anonymous, is donating the bench to the town. It will be placed on the northeast edge of Symphony Lake.

A dedication ceremony is set for Oct. 12.


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  • In Decisive Sep 26, 2008

    >Moxie - you, like a lot of other NC worshipers, just don't get it...and you won't ever get it.

    What exactly is there to 'get?' If I wanted to honor someone...ANYONE in my life or a community member or a fallen firefighter or a policeman who died in the line of duty or ANYONE *and* I have the means/funds to pay for it, I can work with the city I live in OR really any city for that matter to make a donation of a bench or some other structure, as long as it is something the city/town wants/needs and is within their rules. The city/town gets to ultimately decide where such a thing will be placed. What exactly do you NOT understand about that? YOU could do it for one of the 911 victims, you could do it for one of the OK city bombing victims. Yes YOU too can do it and a city/town would be grateful and would work with you. And btw, the only thing I worship is God, not another human being.

  • Commentor5 Sep 26, 2008

    Moxie - you, like a lot of other NC worshipers, just don't get it...and you won't ever get it.

  • In Decisive Sep 26, 2008

    So let me get this straight: some of you are actually UPSET that a couple is donating (i.e. paying for and creating) a nice granite bench in honor of Nancy Cooper, giving this bench to the Town of Cary, and Cary is placing it on 'public' land...land in which it makes sense to have a bench and in which lots of people can benefit from it over the years by sitting on it and resting...land on which there is not currently a bench in that spot, and the Town of Cary wasn't going to spend the $$$ to create a bench themselves? THIS you find offensive? Do you realize that ANY of you can also donate a bench in honor of whoever you want? YES you can! Of course YOU'LL have to pay for it but if you want to donate one the Town of Cary (as well as the City of Raleigh and all the others) will gratefully accept your donation and find a suitable place to put it. LOTS of cities and towns across the country accept donations from citizens to place a small plaque in 'memory' of someone on a bench. GEEZ

  • nyyankeesfan Sep 25, 2008

    let's further stop referring to "Cary Clique" and use "Lochmere Clique" instead.

  • Commentor5 Sep 25, 2008

    nyyankeesfan: "Putting a memorial for NC on public property is well over the top".


  • nyyankeesfan Sep 25, 2008

    My goodness, there are a lot of well loved people in our community. However, the sphere of influence of NC is very minimal compared to others that have recently died or been murdered in our same area. Putting a memorial for NC on public property is well over the top, why not put the memorial or bench on Lochmere property. This is where NC sphere of influence is limited to.

  • Commentor5 Sep 25, 2008

    jmflu: "Idolize is unnecessary".

    This is exactly what their intent is - the Cary community is idolizing this woman. Backup jmflu and take a real look as others have.

    Why don't you place a monument in honor of this man instead? He was a real hero.

  • DangYankee Sep 25, 2008

    Nice gesture, true. But, why is this allowed on tax payers' public property? As 'commentor5' said, if you want to honor someone who died while performing a service for the community at-large, such as the trooper or a soldier, or someone like Eve Carson, that's different. Isn't this rising to Golden Calf proportions?

  • jmflu Sep 24, 2008

    Cary clique, you mean? That is just unnecessary. "Idolize" is unnecessary. CRUEL, just like I said.

  • jenn27537 Sep 24, 2008

    You people really need to get a heart. Why does it matter that she was not a public offical or that the bench will be on public property. She was a very loved person and I am sure that there will be alot of people that will miss her. Just be glad that you still have your loved ones. As for WRAL posting this as news, I think it is wonderful not to see somethnig bad on here every time I get on the internet of turn on the TV. Thanks for the "Good News" WRAL.