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Counterfeit clothing seized from Goldsboro store

Posted May 22, 2008

— Wayne County Sheriff's officers busted a counterfeit clothing ring in Goldsboro May 8.

Marion Wilson Edwards Jr. was arrested at Coach's, at 111 E. Walnut St.

Detectives seized approximately $21,320 in clothing and accessories being sold under the brand names of Coogi, Roca Wear, Baby Phat, Reebok, True Religion and Chanel.

Edwards was being held on $10,000 bond.


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  • anneonymousone May 23, 2008

    Fake name brand apparel is as silly to me as real name brand apparel. Is that T shirt really of better quality, more durable, or more attractive just because the name of a multi-million dollar corporation is on it?

  • ncsudan May 23, 2008

    'OH NO, a counterfit jeans ring operating out of my car hole' - Homer Simpson.
    'Won't anyone think about the poor designers, Gloria Vanderbilt, Calvin Klein and Antoine Bugle-Boy. These are the people who saw an overcrowded marketplace and said: ME TOO!' - Homer Simpson Again.

  • MEME1180 May 23, 2008

    Are you serious, 9 times out of 10 the stuff that was in that store probably looked like cheap imitatation, with a cheap imitation price. I mean really its like 5 stores here that sale the same junk and people continue to buy it only for the name rahter rael or fake.

  • 2thebeach May 23, 2008

    Tizu - isn't Coach's the name of the store?

  • Tizu May 23, 2008

    What was the name of the store???? That would have been good to know...

  • ANGEL+3 May 23, 2008

    he looks happy to be arrested

  • onemejiadr May 23, 2008

    Being a person from new york, and having bought of the street before, I believe some of these young kids who spend 200 dollars on jeans need to read this article. Some of these urband stores in shopping centers do no sell the real name brands you are buying. Educate yourselves on the brands and you can tell the difference.