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Counterfeit bills passed in Mount Olive

Posted July 14, 2008

— Police on Monday were investigating several instances of counterfeit currency being presented at local businesses.

Seven counterfeit bills have been reported to the police department, and several others have been turned over to the U.S. Secret Service by local financial institutions. The bills started turning up at local businesses last Thursday and continued through the weekend.

The bills are printed on legal U.S. currency paper. The ink on the bills appears to be a $100 bill. When a counterfeit pen is used the ink shows the bill to be legal tender, but if the bill is held up to a light source, the $5 metal strip can be seen inside the paper on the left side of the bill and the President Lincoln portrait watermark can be seen in the bottom right.

All of the fake bills have one of two serial numbers: FL 75184706 B or DE 55431741 A, police said.

The Mount Olive Police Department is working with the Goldsboro Police Department, Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Secret Service to identify and locate persons of interest in this case. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Mount Olive Police Department through Wayne-Goldsboro Crime Stoppers at 919-735-2255.


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  • ncmickey Jul 14, 2008

    I read a book by Lee Child a few years ago and this was how they were counterfiting. Course the hero charactor in the book, Jack Reacher, shuts them down! lol

  • ops12305 Jul 14, 2008

    Snakebite Survivor

    Thanks, a very informative article.

  • Snakebite Survivor Jul 14, 2008

    The "counterfeit pen" isn't very reliable anyhow. It uses an iodine compound to detect starch which is present in most copy papers, but not in rag papers (like those used in currency). These guys bleached fivers (a common trick), which defeats the pen, but they didn't have to even do that, as rag papers are available commercially, which pass the "pen test". There's an interesting article on this at:


  • washed ashore Jul 14, 2008

    So the benefit of using the counterfeit pen is what? This isn't good news...a lot of people depend on that pen.

  • For the U.S.A. Jul 14, 2008

    Bet they learned that trick on TV. Bleached the $5 and printed the $100 on it. Just shows that put too much info on TV.