Cost of traveling on Triangle Expressway to go up in January

Posted November 27, 2013

— The cost of driving on the state's first toll road will go up in January, the state Department of Transportation said Tuesday.

Drivers accessing the Triangle Expressway, an 18.8-mile stretch of highway that runs from N.C. 147 in Durham to the N.C. 55 Bypass in Holly Springs, will pay $0.13 more for a one-way trip if they are NC Quick Pass customers. 

Drivers paying their bills by mail will see an $0.18 increase for a one-way trip. 

The increase is part of a schedule of annual toll rate increases based on an agreement made with the NC Turnpike Authority Board to finance the project. 

Traffic has grown steadily on the new highway since it opened, and in September, there were more than 2 million toll transactions. 

At its busiest section, around the N.C. 147 interchange near RTP, the Triangle Expressway sees about 25,000 vehicles daily.


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  • lifeq Dec 4, 2013

    The people in the South section like Apex etc actually paying via property taxes so the North portion of I-540 can be Free. When they sold the idea, they said it will be Free for everyone in the loop.

    Federal Gov would have given all the funds in 7 years due to the growth of the population instead of the 3 years it took to build.

    If the traffic is going up, why should the price go up??? IT SHOULD BE COMING DOWN IN PRICE.

  • goncampn2 Dec 4, 2013

    I am confused! Recently the media reported the toll road authority would not increase tolls due to the success of the new road. Now they are increasing it and wanting to include the sections of I-540 to be tolled. Hmmmm..sounds suspect to me!!

  • ConservativeVoter Nov 27, 2013

    "How come the rich Wake Countians on the North side ain'tbeing tolled? Always the Southern man paying...!:)
    original intent"

    I-540 was paid for by Federal Funds. If they tolled I-540, they would have to pay back the Federal Government for the Federal money spent to build I-540.

    Without a toll I-540 wasn't scheduled to be finished until 2025 and/or later. Therefore NC-540 became a toll road to get the loop completed sooner.

    Therefore the southern half is NC-540 and built with money the state borrowed so they can charge a toll to payback back the bonds issued for NC-540's construction.

  • mandynae Nov 27, 2013

    TimeWillTell: "With that said, I have curtailed my use of the expressway. The time savings is nice, but but the tolls add up and from where I live in Apex, I can take back roads (avoiding the NC 55 parking lot) for much of my RTP commute and use the expressway only around the worst bottlenecks".

    That's what I do, although I have found that traveling part of my commute on 55 and getting on further south, rather than at the 64 entrance, is a good compromise between cost and time. However, I really wish they had just well enough alone and continued access to 147 from 55.

  • ConservativeVoter Nov 27, 2013

    Seeing that nobody is using the toll roads, they have to raise the prices for those who are to cover expenses and make a profit.

    It's the theory of supply and demand, the higher you raise the prices, the lower the usage goes.

    NC-540 and NC-147 are both on a path to go bankrupt from low usage like I-185 did in South Carolina.

  • Pseudonym Nov 27, 2013

    Obviously it's not supply and demand, because it has come nowhere near the amount of traffic it was designed for. So it must be because they're not hitting their projected revenue. Shocking.

  • A person Nov 27, 2013

    How come the rich Wake Countians on the North side ain'tbeing tolled? Always the Southern man paying...!:)

    original intent

    Because we were smart enough to lie in North Raleigh. All it took was 1 look at South Raleigh and the decision was easy

  • A person Nov 27, 2013

    I have never been on the toll road and have no intentions of ever being on it.

  • baldchip Nov 27, 2013

    I have riden on the toll road 2 times-going and coming back on the same trip. Traffic on Friday morning was very light-with Sunday afternoon even lighter!! With the kind of ridership I saw, it'll be paid for in 150 years or more!!

    I have said-and I'll say again-when the rest of 540 is finished in 2023(humm-projected), they need to toll ALL or NONE!!! Half anf half is not fair to anybody!!

    Much of this problem began when the DemocRATS raided the highway trust fund so they did not have to make some hard choices in budgeting. They did not raise taxes even more, and they did not cut spending. They just STOLD our money set aside for roads and repairs.

    Ah yes -our wonderful DemocRATS-steel and we keep paying the price for their theft years later!! Another gift from our friends on the left that keeps on giving!!

  • Alexia.1 Nov 27, 2013

    I've said it before... Tolls are a bad idea. They just lead to more. Further, they're not a fair tax. Why tax that road when highway funds those drivers pay are used to fund other roads? If taxes are needed, they should be spread across everyone like they are for all other roads.