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Corrections officer stabbed by inmate at Central Prison

Posted December 4, 2013

— A corrections officer at Central Prison in Raleigh was stabbed early Wednesday by an inmate, state Department of Public Safety officials said. 

Few details were released about the assault, which happened at about 8 a.m. 

The officer, whose name was not released, was being treated at a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, officials said.


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  • BBall Mom76 Dec 5, 2013

    My thoughts are with the officer and his family.

    Thanks to those giving credit to the officers that work their tails off working all kinds of hours and putting their lives on the line to protect all of you from having to worry about getting stabbed as this officer did. The benefits are not as great as one would think and neither is the pay. So, the media and everyone else should have nothing but respect for these corrections officers. For those who think that the inmates are good people, maybe they should take a job at the prison and then tell us what you think.

  • pedsrndad Dec 4, 2013

    I am sure this inmate is proud of what he has done and will try to increase his status at prison because of the assault but I can tell you for a fact, he just made his time at CP far more difficult than he could ever imagine. The Correctional Officer and his family know that his co-workers are thinking of him and are letting them have privacy at this difficult time.

  • Wiser_now Dec 4, 2013

    Why was this "story" even published? It says just enough to generate comments. Come on, WRAL. You can do better.

  • wildlife Dec 4, 2013

    Let's not forget that prison is supposed to be punishment for living a twisted and sick life style, to be separated from the liberated at large.Oh by the way, one of my close relatives is a gainfully employed correctional officer of the Great State of North Carolina, and believe me 99.9% of these Lowlifes are guilty as charged.These officers should be able to carry and have the ability to decrease the surplus prison population.

  • 678devilish Dec 4, 2013

    Give the inmate more time in prison. Hope the guard will be fine in time.

  • panthers254 Dec 4, 2013

    it's a thankless job for the most part. most of the officers do a great job and are working hard to take care of their families. sadly, its the bad apples who get most of the press. a majority of the people who bash correctional officers wouldnt last five minutes behind bars.

  • commonsense99 Dec 4, 2013

    I wonder why the adminisrtation let this officer and his wife sit at the hospital alone. Why didn't they provide support and comfort to his wife after he got stabbed in the face? Hey D.O.C. take care of your people!!!!!

  • getallyourfacts920 Dec 4, 2013

    I'm with HisLove. You people get on her bashing inmates and things you dont agree with all the time, when you would hate for someone to read something about your life and try to interpret it. People think they are so much better than others, particular an inmate, when 9 times out of 10 you can dig through that person's life and find something to put them in jail, cause trouble, or even make headline news. The difference is that the inmate got caught and you didn't. Not to mention with the way our system is, people are put in jail all the time for a crime that they didn't commit, or maybe did commit and the charges are drawn up to make them look worse then they were. Honestly just before you type something you should think about it as if someone is talking about you or your family in a derogatory way. Would you want someone saying something about you when that person has NO idea what is going on? You may think not, but you have never been in those shoes obviously.

  • bdu4dals2 Dec 4, 2013

    Don't really care what caused the con to stick the guard. Bottom line from me is, you just bought another 20 years...oh well.

  • HisLoVe Dec 4, 2013

    Oh please. All these comments make me sick. NONE of us know what happened there really so stop assuming,