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Corolla horses survive hurricane, 'know the right places to hide'

Posted September 1, 2011

— Corolla's wild Spanish Mustang horses survived Hurricane Irene by being "very resilient" and knowing "the right places to hide," a Wild Horse Adventure Tours spokeswoman said Thursday.

The company, which takes customers on wild horse safaris on the Outer Banks, also made it through the storm and was up and running again on Wednesday.

"A lot of businesses took a beating," said Jennifer Old, an assistant office manager with Wild Horse Adventure Tours. "We've been very fortunate."

The company shut down last Thursday, covered their touring vehicles and moved them to safer locations. On Monday, they began uncovering the vehicles and getting them ready for customers again.

"Thank goodness, we were very lucky in Corolla," Old said. "There was a lot of debris on the beach and some spots flooded, but our tour guides know their way around."

Tour guide drivers and others volunteered and removed debris from the beaches, Old said. Drivers said the horses looked OK, and no injuries were reported, she said.


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  • Desiderata Sep 1, 2011

    Horses are smarter than a lot of humans,,,why I prefer their company. As for swimming, not all horses can swim,just like not all dogs can swim...Just to let people know....Glad Horses were ok!

  • Screw WrAl Sep 1, 2011

    The horses have weather call!

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Sep 1, 2011

    Glad to hear it.

    In many many cases, animals are smarter than people - especially when it comes to disasters.

  • TheDude abides... Sep 1, 2011

    Yep. Ya'll are right. Horses WERE brought here by humans. When ships got stuck on sandbars, they would attempt to free themselves by lightening their cargo. A lot of times this meant dumping your livestock into the ocean miles from shore.

    Fortunately for horses, they can swim like a four-legged, hoofed-fish!

  • timbo10.0 Sep 1, 2011

    "Well, as close to shore as the ships could handle, then the horses left their ill fated human transporters to succumb to the watery grave of the Atlantic."

    No. The ship was beached and there was no loss of life.

  • JustAName Sep 1, 2011

    "Humans brought those horses to the Outer Banks. :), "- r u crazy too

    Well, as close to shore as the ships could handle, then the horses left their ill fated human transporters to succumb to the watery grave of the Atlantic.

  • Shelley Cooper Sep 1, 2011

    i'm surprised they didn't sneak in a plug for weather call

  • r u crazy too Sep 1, 2011

    pssst:.... hey hunter38.... Humans brought those horses to the Outer Banks. :), But just as a comment, I noticed that all three of our cats were not to be found during the storm. They were all hiding somewhere around the house while we were up watching the storm.

  • hunter38 Sep 1, 2011

    psssst....hey humans... we horses have been around for hundreds of years even before you jokers arrived and started tearing apart the island with houses, businesses and such.......we know hurricanes and we know how to survive.....you all should take a lesson from us.

  • Rebelyell55 Sep 1, 2011

    After the storm, I asked if any heard how the horse were doing. I was told that they were fine. I glad to hear they did well and no injury.