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Cop in 'Ticketgate' case rejoins Fayetteville police

Posted July 30, 2009

— A police officer who resigned early last year amid a political controversy over a voided traffic ticket has rejoined the Fayetteville Police Department, officials said Thursday.

Officer Jennifer Rodriguez returned to duty Monday.

In October 2007, Rodriguez cited a woman with running a red light and causing a wreck at the intersection of Stoney Point and Gillis Hill roads. The woman's husband, a former deputy garrison commander at Fort Bragg, called Fayetteville Mayor Tony Chavonne that evening to complain, and police voided the ticket shortly after Chavonne and City Manager Dale Iman visited the woman in the hospital.

Police later charged the other driver with running the red light and causing the wreck.

The case sparked an outcry from Fayetteville residents, who dubbed the incident "Ticketgate" and called for an investigation into what they said was favorable treatment.

The City Council rebuked Chavonne for intervening in the police investigation, and he apologized for the perception of favoritism his actions created.

The council tried to reinstate the initial ticket but backed off after Cumberland County District Attorney Ed Grannis threatened to pursue obstruction of justice charges against council members.


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  • Southern Cal Jul 31, 2009

    "it seems a good many of them forget where they came from."

    I don't think it's a case of choosing to forget. The slime-ball politicians put us in these untenable positions. I thought moving up the ladder would allow me to be more effective in positive change. At the end of the day, it's the friggen politicians that have their own agenda.

  • leo-nc Jul 31, 2009

    "leo-nc-I disagree with you many times but, on this I couldn't agree with you more. ""----

    lol - count that one for the record books. :) This is what I can't stand about LE politics though. A lot of times it's the politics that get police departments in trouble. The officers on the street hate the politics but once you move up the ladder, it seems a good many of them forget where they came from.

  • jlh4jdj Jul 30, 2009

    wa4mjf-I agree fully that politics is what makes the government go around it seems. Call me idealistic but I maintain hope that when it is brought into the public eye it is done correctly. I know this doesn't happen like it should but like I said "hope".

  • RonnieR Jul 30, 2009

    All y'all might not want to admit it, but politics is the way guvment works.

  • RonnieR Jul 30, 2009

    I know her, or did, and have met her husband when he was at DCSIM at Bragg and she at DCSIM at USASOC, for full disclosure. I was pointing out to happygirl08 that the one that got the second ticket was not the one in the hospital.

  • anonemoose Jul 30, 2009

    LEO, you know how it is in our community. A lot of times doing the correct thing isn't always the right thing.

  • GravyPig Jul 30, 2009

    "Fort Bragg is what keeps Fayetteville going. It would not be in the best interest of the city to alienate the Bragg Community. Politics 101." - wa4mjf

    That is certainly a warped sense of logic. If she was in the wrong she should have been ticketed. Just because you are a spouse of a FORMER garrison commander does not exscuse your breaking of the law. How does her getting a ticket alienate the Bragg community? Now if she was unlawfully detained or mistreated I could see that as alienating the Bragg community. Otherwise, man up and take your ticket.

  • jlh4jdj Jul 30, 2009

    Oh I get it now I see your other post wa4mjf I get it. You know someone in this situation. So you know more than the the officer? You would be the first begging an LEO for help if you were the one getting bullied in this.

  • jlh4jdj Jul 30, 2009

    leo-nc-I disagree with you many times but, on this I couldn't agree with you more.

    wa4mjf-So your saying political back-rubbing is ok? This was done for nothing but political reasons. I just wish that someone had been arrested for abuse of power.

  • RonnieR Jul 30, 2009

    Diane was in the hospital, as I recall, not the one who got the second citation.