Cooper rallies opposition to NC elections bill

Posted August 8, 2013

Attorney General Roy Cooper

— Attorney General Roy Cooper has posted a petition on change.org so people opposed to the sweeping elections bill passed by lawmakers last month can lobby Gov. Pat McCrory to veto the measure.

Passed in the closing days of the legislative session, House Bill 589 would require voters to show photo identification at the polls, reduce the early voting period from 17 to 10 days, eliminate same-day voter registration during early voting and end straight-ticket voting.

The legislation also would create a second primary for presidential elections, increase the maximum allowable campaign donation, loosen disclosure requirements in campaign ads paid for by independent committees and repeal the requirement that candidates endorse ads run by their campaigns.

Cooper's petition calls the proposal "regressive elections legislation." He said recently that enacting the various provisions would only invite legal challenges.

McCrory has until Aug. 25 to sign or veto the bill. If he doesn't do either, it becomes law without his signature.


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  • lec02572 Aug 13, 2013

    Guess Cooper has started his run for governor early.

  • jamesrhoades Aug 13, 2013

    Anyone who doesn't think there's no voter fraud is mistaken. I was behind someone in the voter line who claimed to live on my street but I had never seen them before!
    The NAACP need to be crying about something racial if only to justify their existance! If the pseuduo-"Reverend" Barber is against it, then it must be a Good thing!

  • Danny22 Aug 12, 2013

    We had voter fraud right here in my rural county. You can only imagine how much is going on in the cities.

  • superman Aug 12, 2013

    I remember one of his staff who took over a case where a member of the legislature took over a local case. The man was driving and hit someone and killed him and they dismissed the case for lack of evidence. The dead man couldnt testify.

  • nailman5204 Aug 11, 2013

    Sign the bill Governor !!

  • jianco Aug 10, 2013

    There is NO EXCUSE for not providing ID when voting.... unless you are committing voter fraud. So shut up Cooper

  • HockeyPlayerX Aug 9, 2013

    " and just because it is part of the liberal agenda, does not mean that I support it." ... should have read..."and just because it is NOT part of the liberal agenda" ... FWIW.

  • Proud Black Constitutionalist Aug 9, 2013

    Enough already, sign the darn bill governor!

    I've had it with these deceased democrats always voting. It's like they resurrect at election time.

  • lem07 Aug 9, 2013

    Stop beating the ID portion of the bill to death. Read the other provisions it in. The bill is supposed to help the voters. For example, allowing people with money to contribute more to political campaigns and reduces the accountability and disclosure for candidates and PAC's. It also disallows the tuition deduction for parents who's college child votes outside of their precinct. Nothing says voter confidence like more money for ads that no one knows where the money came from and the candidate would not be responsible for correcting any falsehoods.

  • djbyrdnc Aug 9, 2013

    We need to find someone to replace him. He has been in office to long. I understand he does not like the law, but as attorney general he is suppose to enforce ALL laws.