Cooper, Perry weigh in on proposed SBI move

Posted June 3, 2014
Updated June 4, 2014

— State Attorney General Roy Cooper and state Department of Public Safety Secretary Frank Perry are on opposite sides of a controversial Senate budget provision that would move the State Bureau of Investigation from the state Department of Justice, which reports to Cooper, to being under Perry's department.

Other statewide law enforcement agencies, including the State Highway Patrol and the Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement, already report to Perry.

“(We'd like to) have that under one agency so they can share information and combat crime more effectively and efficiently,” Perry said of the SBI.

Perry added that the move, which he said was supported by former Gov. Beverly Perdue, would also streamline criminal databases.

“We could put those into one and save millions,” he said. “I don’t think it’s political at all. I think it’s a logical extension of where law enforcement is going. Agencies are not necessarily consolidating, but growing closer and closer post 9/11.”

Cooper, a Democrat who is widely expected to run against Republican Gov. Pat McCrory in 2016, said he believes other motives are at play.

"It's pretty clear that what they're doing is trying to take away the independence of the SBI and potentially protect themselves," he said.

Investigations involving McCrory’s administration would be handled by either the Attorney General's Office or the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Perry said.

“So, we have no conflicts of interest whatsoever,” he said.

The Senate approved the state budget with the provision last week. It is now in the House.


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  • disgusted2010 Jun 4, 2014

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    A test he would fail as he has none. For Roy its all about politics, his career and the suppression of law enforcement. He is left of Obama.

  • Billy Smith Jun 4, 2014
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    When it comes to cases involving Democrats Roy Cooper has 'ostrich-ized' the SBI.

  • dirtydozen431 Jun 4, 2014

    DWI blood test cases are being dismissed in every NC county due to the SBI taking two years to perform the test.

  • Rebelyell55 Jun 4, 2014

    I just see more waste of tax payers money.

  • Charlie Watkins Jun 4, 2014
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    The main question is whether or not it will hurt Roy's chance to become Governor. It is all about politics for Roy and not what is best for the state.

  • itlsss Jun 4, 2014

    They should start by doing away with NCALE regardless of who is in charge! ALE hasn't done anything worthwhile since prohibition.

  • Bigbadwolf Jun 4, 2014

    Ok people........please read the bill before you start commenting on it. The bill would LEAVE SBI agents that investigate political corruption and other cases along those lines.....under the Attorney General!!! As it stands right now, you have an AG who is already running for Governor (more than 3 years away) with the power to "investigate" political foes. And this is fair? Really?

  • Kyle Clarkson Jun 4, 2014
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    Absolutely. This would be a true test of character for Roy Cooper, especially if the new attorney general is a republican.

  • disgusted2010 Jun 4, 2014

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    Absoulutly correct. There has not been a qualified director of the SBI since Mike Easley left office. Nothing but politically connected lawyers who have no real authority. The SBI has been run by the DOJ Chief of Staff since Cooper took office.

  • findoutthefacts Jun 4, 2014

    why are you all whining? The SBI currently reports to a politically-tied person....correct?