Cooper: More school officers needed

Posted January 16, 2013

— Attorney General Roy Cooper has has written to Gov. Pat McCrory asking that Republicans follow up on the recommendations made by a 2006 school safety report.

Cooper said Wednesday that both McCrory and the legislature should follow up on the report, which suggested: 

  • More school resource officers in schools to provide security and guide students to safe behavior
  • Re-establish a statewide school tip line for parents and students to report threats anonymously
  • More training for educators on how to recognize potential safety threats and respond to them
  • Re-establish the Center for the Prevention of School Violence.

“We hope that a tragedy never happens at any of our schools, but we must take steps to prevent it and be ready in case it does,” Cooper said.


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  • SMAPAEA Jan 18, 2013

    No new money falling out of the sky...unless you're a cabinet member..then you get a raise.

  • kermit60 Jan 18, 2013

    1023productions Sounds like your trying to promote your job. Just where do you suppose we get the money to pay for these "teams" of security people. We can't even pay our teachers a decent salery. Of course if the shooter in Conn would have been Muslim, Obama would be spending billions on another government agency, the SS. School Security.

  • 1023productions Jan 17, 2013

    I have been an armed security officer for many years and have never had to draw my weapon. I have noticed that just the presents of an armed officer patroling makes a differance.. I am an avocate to increasing school security to protect the students, staff and visitors... Armed securty would be cost effective and would allow more police officers to be patroling the streets... I do agree with the SRO solution but everyschool should have a team of armed security depending on the size of the school just incase the SRO may not be on campus since they are paid by the city or county that they work for and not the school district..

  • superman Jan 17, 2013

    If you really believe there should be an "armed" officer at the door. Just what salary do you think they should get being they are going to be the first target in case of a problem. Do you think the person is just going to walk up to the officer and introduce himeself and shake hands? The officer can be eliminated from a distance. School security is like gun control--just not much you can do.

  • btneast Jan 17, 2013

    Defensive weapons would be located in protected, secret locations through out the building, known only to the specific teacher/staff members, the SRO and Principal. The weapons would stay securely locked unless and until needed.

    How long do you think that secret would stay a secret? Not long at all.

  • btneast Jan 17, 2013

    You cant lock the doors cause that is a fire safety violation.

    Ummm, it would only be locked from the outside......but you are correct, just wait for the next person going out.

  • Mon Account Jan 17, 2013

    "Put the bible and prayer back in school, Teach the 10 commandments...The sickness is in the liberals"-oleguy

    Uhm, religion was never in public schools. That's the kind of stuff parents are supposed to teach their children, with the help of their religious community.

    Seems like the modern proposal is to have teachers teach your kids religion, morals, and the 3 R's, all while being a psychologist and carrying a gun on their hip. Parent, priest, cop, professor and shrink. Wonder if they'd get paid the combines salaries? Pfft.

  • kermit60 Jan 17, 2013

    So are we going to take money from roads, welfare, mental health, other education to pay for all this? Or is the lottery going to pay for this too.

  • superman Jan 17, 2013

    An armed security guard would be the first target. Or even better an unarmed person walks into the school and sets off the fire alarm and in minutes-several hundred people will be standing outside. You cant lock the doors cause that is a fire safety violation. So you lock the door anyway, the person just stands outside the door and wait for someone to exit and then walk in. The important thing to remember is that no matter what you do--it probably wont help because the person would figure out a way. The person could stand outside and shoot thru windows. Think of the disaster it would be if 600 children and teachers were standing outside on open grass.

  • btneast Jan 17, 2013

    This should be an innate trait of every police officer. Waiting for a team as the active shooter continues to take down victims is unacceptable.

    No back up is a big no no and will get an officer killed. Don't necessarily have to wait for a team, but to go in alone to a gunfight is suicidal.