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Cooper children back in Canada until custody ruling

Posted October 20, 2008

— The children of Brad and Nancy Cooper have returned with their slain mother's family to Canada until a Wake County District Court judge decides who should care for them.

Last week, Judge Debra Sasser heard arguments from attorneys representing Brad Cooper and Nancy Cooper's parents, Garry and Donna Rentz, about who should be rewarded temporary custody of the two young girls.

In July, Nancy Cooper, 34, was likely strangled to death, an autopsy found, and left in an undeveloped subdivision about three miles from her Cary home.

The Rentzes, as well as their daughter, Krista Lister, have filed for temporary custody of the girls, saying Brad Cooper is an unfit father who is mentally unstable.

Police have made no arrests and have not named any suspects in the slaying, but Nancy Cooper's family said during a hearing last week that they believe Brad Cooper was involved.

His attorneys have said that the plaintiffs have not offered any evidence that proves he is an unfit parent or that he killed his wife.

Sasser could rule as early as Tuesday on the matter, although there is no time frame in which she must decide.


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  • pebbles262004 Oct 21, 2008

    I think they need to look at the friend of NC that was so fast to report her missing...Something is not right there, maybe she wanted one of NC lovers or her husband .

  • Question Oct 21, 2008

    OK. I have a question: this custody judge has said that she has to decide if he had anything to do with his wife's murder to decide if he's a fit father or not. So is she basically trying him for murder? This all seems so backward.
    I agree with the comment about Jason Young--why was he able to run up to Brevard with Cassidy? Seems that the police have a lot more evidence on him.

  • something2say Oct 21, 2008

    This doesn't sit well! My assumption is: By now enough evidence should have been processed so they could reasonably arrest someone that is known. If that is correct then Brad Cooper is not a suspect and this custody battle should not include anything that alludes to him as a murderer. Until he is named as a suspect it is hard to swallow that kids can just be taken away based on what someone says. Scary for anyone who might be dealing with custody issues right now I think. I don't know who did this to Nancy Cooper but it needs to get resolved for the sake of these children if nothing else.

    When is there going to be hard evidence so CPD can arrest someone and put this to bed! I don't know who did this but until someone is arrest I refuse to believe this was not a "random crime".

  • thescarletpimpernel Oct 21, 2008

    ++++Malicious smear campaign if you asked me - has been from day one

    Indeed! By golly if you don't hang a bow on your mailbox, or participate in memorials sponsored by the inlaws/friends (your worst enemy) then you must be guilty. One of my favorite theories is one of the friends who claim Brad Done It because he has his wifes necklace. Now this friend swears Nancy never ever ran without that necklace or went to the pool without it. If you look at the picture of Brad, Nancy and family on the WRAL website....she's not wearing a necklace.

    Did anyone see the story of a lady being attacked at Yates Mill yesterday? 2 miles from where Mrs. Cooper was found, I will never ever jog alone ever again. Jenna Nielsen unsolved. Michelle Young unsolved. Nancy Cooper unsolved. Would this lady have been the fourth victim in that general area had the assailants not been spooked?

  • bigbird1141 Oct 21, 2008

    I found it funny the grandparents complained BC never went to the stand. BC was in the courtroom and the grandparents could have called him up. They didn't even call up the detective. It's up to the state to clearly show and have evidence to prove he is guilty. They clearly didn't show he was a harm to the children or if he broke any other laws. If the judge sides with the grandparents something is seriously wrong.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Oct 21, 2008

    Give Brad his children back. He is not guilty or has it been proven that he has taken his wife's life. What is all of this doing to the children? I feel they are being harm in some way. But you know what, time will tell as they grow up. They may need to be in counseling right now. The grandparents and Aunt is being spitful. Where were they, when their daughter and sister was having marital problems? No where to be found or turn away when she sought them out for help. The guilt is eating them up. Pray for this family.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Oct 21, 2008

    Everyone needs a "license to chill" on this board.

    I don't need a license to chill as you call it. I have WRAL who approves all comments before coming to the public. You are not in charge here. WRAL is. Thanks again WRAL for job well done. :)

  • Dr. Dataclerk Oct 21, 2008

    Brad when you do get your children back, allow the grand-parents and Aunts to visit the children only in YOUR PRESENCE. That should do it and then they will look back and see how you felt. Every visit until they are grown and of NC age 18.

  • Proud Young Grandma Oct 21, 2008

    hey jmflu, nope waiting for the cable guys now. am not supposed to be online in case they call, but I just had to get on and check things. I will be back on later tonight after they get everything installed. in the meantime, everyone behave and be nice - be back this evening. :-)

  • jmflu Oct 21, 2008

    Hi Grandma... on the other hand, it is very hard to remain civilized when people around you are just saying hateful things.
    So, how are you? Get the computer up and running ok?