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Convicted felons charged in Durham robbery

Posted March 2, 2011

— The armed robbery of a Dollar General store in Durham Tuesday night led to the arrest of three men, including a convicted murderer and a man once sentenced to life in prison for armed robbery.

Police said that two gunmen wearing ski masks robbed the Dollar General Store, 2000 Chapel Hill Road, around 9 p.m.

Shortly after, police said, officers found the suspect vehicle in an apartment complex on Morehead Avenue, where they arrested Raymond Parker, 57, and Wallace Parker Jr., both of Morehead Avenue in Durham, and Alonzo Green, 48, of Dixon Road in Durham.

Raymond Parker was charged with three counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Wallace Parker was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and Alonzo Green was charged with three counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Wallace Parker was convicted of second-degree murder in 1986 in Durham and was released from prison in 2005, according to state Department of Correction records.

DOC records also show that Raymond Parker was sentenced to life in prison for 1980 armed robbery conviction, but that sentence was vacated. He was released in 2007, after also serving time for a conviction for assault with a deadly weapon.

While in prison, Raymond Parker had 41 infractions, and Wallace Parker 31 infractions, DOC records state. Both men had multiple infractions for provoking assault and weapon possession.


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  • medcoder05 Mar 8, 2011

    The question is 'why were they on teh streets with life sentence' They had more infractions that should kepted them in prison instead of on teh streets to take a chance on harming others innocent folks. Why in the world at there age are they trying to rob a store. REally old men. I think that they should all be back in prison and never released. I heard that if you are 'good behavior' in prison you can get released...early maybe. Uh they have a record of bad behavior and look they got released.......early.

  • tab580642 Mar 3, 2011

    jesmyopinion, I know that you are another one of these people who can't wait to say negative about anything that goes on in Durham, but you are most likely wrong about a judge in Durham having anything to do with these guys being released from prison.

  • jmc3 Mar 2, 2011

    As always, GREAT JOB Durham PD. Now if I could only say that about the judge that vacated this guy's sentence!

  • nogade Mar 2, 2011

    Are we not suprised that there were PREVIOUSLY CONVICTED persons involved in this crime? I'm not suprised at all, we read about it EVERY DAY. Yes it is a shame and moreso, what does this say about the judicial system that's in place? It sickening, that's what it is.

  • Just the facts mam Mar 2, 2011

    Let me guess which Judge in Durham released these fine gentleman from prison??? There are some people that the only way to prevent innocent citizens from being victims of these people is to put them in prison - and leave them there!!!

  • Bill of Rights Mar 2, 2011

    3 rounds of 22? Only if you're hunting hamsters.

  • Trabman_san Mar 2, 2011

    3 rounds of 22 caliber ammo, administered properly, solves this problem PERMANENTLY!

    Cost to the taxpayers of NC = Less than $0.10

  • mikeyj Mar 2, 2011

    Life in prison! Why was he on the street?