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Contractor gets jail time for not finishing job, refunding money

Posted March 8, 2010

— A contractor was sent to jail Monday for avoiding a court-ordered payment to a homeowner for a renovation that wasn't completed.

Michael Luchansky, owner of Apex Construction, was found in contempt of court and was sentenced to 60 days in the Wake County jail.

Luchansky owed a homeowner $12,000 for a job that was never finished. He had been ordered to repay $5,000 of that total by Feb. 1 and also was supposed to serve five consecutive weekends in jail.

When he didn't meet the deadline for the partial payment and failed to show up for his weekends in jail, Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens imposed the 60-day contempt sentence.

A 2006 investigation by 5 on Your Side found that Luchansky owed a Clayton homeowner more than $10,000 for an incomplete renovation. He repaid that homeowner to settle that dispute.

Apex Construction has a D- rating with the Better Business Bureau, including one outstanding complaint.


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  • Tax Man Mar 8, 2010

    Why not give him a long sentence - then probation - and make him pay back everyone he cheated. What a crook! Maybe he will meet Bubba in jail and live happily ever after.

  • 3779LRRP Mar 8, 2010

    Also goes for tree cutting people. A couple guys showed up one day and offered to remove an overhanging tree over the house. I asked if they had insurance and they said of course. They gave me an excellent price and the tree was removed without incident. They came back a month or so latter and offered to cut a couple more trees down for a good price. The ok was given. The first was dropped squarely on the house. The tree cutter called a friend and had him repair the damage. The tree cutters friend was never paid for the repair. Tree cutter skipped out.

  • wildcat Mar 8, 2010

    Greed will get you every time.

  • Wolfpacker_NCSU Mar 8, 2010

    First, I would like to comment on cynlyn's post...wow, do you make disclosures like this about everyone you know? Also, I don't think it's necessary to insult wral viewers by accusing them of being addicted to prescription drugs. You really have a way of turning a phrase, don't you? Anyway, I don't care what this contractor's reasons were for not finishing the job, if he didn't comply with the courts orders, he needed to go to jail. I think that anyone that steals should go to jail.

  • cynlyn Mar 8, 2010

    I am in no way excusing what he did. I am just providing some insight on why things like this happen in todays world. Dont you ever read a story like this and think " why people think they can get away with stealing and lying their way through life" Its called delusional self absorbancy controlling these peoples minds. I totally agree with him serving time. This isnt the first time he has been incarcerated and probably not the last. Honestly it bothered me every time I saw a wral undercover story on this man that completely ignored the red elephant in the room. No where in any story did they mention his numerous felony drug arrests. I guess in NC a middle class white man addicted to prescription drugs isnt as sensational as a black person on crack or maybe it just hits too close to home to their viewers.

  • ListentoMeNow Mar 8, 2010

    Yes, this type of punishment should be handed down much more often. In time many of these problems I believe would disappear. And we do enable people to be addicts. By allowing anyone to practice as a contractor with simply a sign, NC condones this behaviour. And if someone has been sentenced to weekends in jail and they don't show up shouldn't they be arrested? It sounds like our judicial system is just as it has always been, behind the times. Sad.

  • FragmentFour Mar 8, 2010

    This may be one of the more hopeful stores in today's news stories. I feel VERY sympathetic toward any wife, kids, and other dependents the man may have, but I honestly believe if this happened more often, there would be less scam and fraud in the small contractor home construction/renovation business.

  • cubed32696 Mar 8, 2010

    I’m typically not ugly about situations like this, but cynlyn I’m sure you would feel differently about the drug addict sitting on the corner of the exit ramp asking for money. A drug addict is a drug addict is a drug addict — no excuses. Things are rough for millions of people right now and have been for quite some time. The majority, I’m sure, are trying to figure out how they are going to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads, not buy drugs. DON’T DO DRUGS. It’s that simple. Good friends do not make excuses.

  • thought Mar 8, 2010

    'I feel sorry for the people he has hurt financially b/c they are innocent victims of this disease.'
    Um, sorry, but drugs and alchol are not a disease- I do not care how you try to make it one. You made the choice to start drinking or doing the drugs- so I will never except that.
    I am sorry but as family members of mine do have diseases that they did not bring on them self - I can not stand when people try to have a sob story to find a reason for their behavior. People need to stop being an enabler for these people. Pay for your crime-

  • ncmickey Mar 8, 2010

    Thanks tarheelturtle! I agree