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Conti makes appearance at first transportation meeting

Posted February 4, 2009
Updated February 5, 2009

— Department of Transportation Secretary Gene Conti says he would like to have a new process for approving road projects in place by next month.

Conti spoke at a Transportation Board meeting Wednesday, his first since assuming his new role last month.

"I really do look forward to working with the board," he said.

Conti discussed an executive order that Gov. Bev Perdue signed last month. It takes away board members' authority to approve road projects.

That responsibility now lies with the secretary.


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  • pbjbeach Feb 5, 2009

    I personnaly hope that mr conti will demand some form of accountablity from his mangers an that they will be held personnaly accountably for decisions made by them that affect the expenditure of taxpayers dollars when it come to state road maintenance an construction an particualy when it come to construction of construction projects done on new locations where it deals with undercut & unclassified materials an along with the quality of the associated materials such as asphalt pavements an concrete pavements so that that the state will not have to again have to bite the preverbly bullet an end up paying for bad non-speceficiation work to be performed by a highway contractor as has been the case in the past . so please mr conti let STATE HIGHWAY INSPECTORS DO THEIR JOBS AN ENFORCE THE STATE HIGHWAY SPECEFICIATIONS OF ROADS AN BRIDGES AS THEY USED TO BE ALLOWED TO DO SO . thank you

  • pbjbeach Feb 5, 2009

    I fear that he will just be another political hack an a rubber stamp of approval for the governor an her cronies an the contracting industry lobbyest an the special instrest assosicated with them .Or in other words he will not be allowed by the politicans to have any independent say so just as the state superintendent of public instructions is not being allowed to have any independent thought of her own particulally now that the governor has in effect circumvented her authorty granted to her position by her the november election of her by the taxpayers of this state as that when state officals have gotten to the point that they all have fogotten who they really utlmately work for an that being the taxpayers of north carolina thank you

  • joco cruiser Feb 5, 2009

    He has been charged with having to provide a better system of approving projects and I am sure he was there to ask the board how they would like him to do it.

  • Seeminglyopposed Feb 5, 2009

    Unfortunately, by some of the decisions of the top people he allowed to remain after that million dollar consultation scheme remain working, dampens my hopes that he will really change anything in DOT.

  • jsanders Feb 5, 2009

    A good new process for approving road projects would be to funnel highway money to roads and other transportation options according to their use: http://www.johnlocke.org/press_releases/display_story.html?id=242

  • westral Feb 5, 2009

    DOT does not do things normally, so the face he showed up at the board members meeting was front page news!

  • OLD PIRATE 2 Feb 5, 2009

    Doesn't the top person usually appear?