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Construction worker shot with BB gun at off-campus UNC housing

Posted March 28, 2009
Updated March 29, 2009

— A construction worker was shot with a BB gun Saturday while working on at a Franklin Street student housing unit near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

A crew of workers were on scaffolding five floors up of West Granville Tower, 123 W. Franklin St., when someone shot at them from a window. The worker was hit in the ear. His injury was not serious, police said.

Chapel Hill police were investigating the incident to identify which room the BB came from and who fired the shot. The person responsible could face assault charges, a police spokesman said.

The privately-owned Granville Towers serves as an off-campus residence facility for UNC students.


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  • whitewash Mar 30, 2009

    Granville Towers advertises itself as "The Place To Be at UNC" - while the incident in question is dangerous and criminal it grows from Granville's seemingly lack of concern for its residents - windows have been taped shut and the air conditioning system has not been working - construction workers are lving in the facility which is causing complaints of additional noise and security issues - the bulding renovations were not made know to the students prior to the signing of leases last spring - just one more sign of the bad management that is leading to the sale of GT

  • mpheels Mar 30, 2009

    Sadly, I don't think they were doing it for laughs. Granville towers have been under renovation with construction work starting early in the mornings. The students that live there have been complaining for weeks b/c of the noise. I'm pretty sure the BB gun shot was out of malice, and it really is disgusting. The workers have no control over what work is done and when, they're just doing their jobs.

    When I was a student at UNC, living on campus, there was construction just outside my dorm starting at 7am M-F and 8am on weekends. One Sat. morning a police officer knocked on my door - someone on my side of the building have thrown a full soda can at the workers, hitting someone in the head.

    For some reason students feel they are entitled to complete silence whenever (and wherever) they are sleeping. It's incredibly ironic considering how loud they can be when they aren't sleeping even if they rest of the building/neighborhood is.

  • Con Amor Mar 30, 2009

    I hope that they find out who did this, and press charges!! Some one needs a lesson in playing with guns! BB gun or not. If my kids even point toy guns at someone, then they are punished. I'm sure that the person(s) responible for this attack got a good laugh out of it. Now I hope that they laugh their tail strait to jail!