Congressman Mike McIntyre to retire

Posted January 8, 2014

— Facing a tough re-election bid, Democratic 7th District Congressman Mike McIntyre said Wednesday that he won't seek a 10th term in the U.S. House in November.

McIntyre narrowly won the 2012 election over former state Sen. David Rouzer in a district that was redrawn by Republican lawmakers in 2011 to be more friendly to Republican candidates. The district stretches southeast from Johnston County to the coast.

"In eastern North Carolina, we have demonstrated that public service is a partnership between the people and the representative they entrust to speak on their behalf," McIntyre said in a statement. "For us, this has been where the priorities of policy over politics, issues over ideology, dialogue over dollars and cooperation over campaigning have prevailed. Having answered the call entrusted through this partnership, I will be retiring from the U.S. House of Representatives at the end of this term."

The National Republican Congressional Committee has targeted the 7th District for the past year as the GOP tries to build on its control of the U.S. House, and Rouzer plans to run again for the seat in November.

"After falling just a handful of votes short in 2012, it is with great optimism that my supporters and I continue our mission to bring conservative leadership to southeastern North Carolina," Rouzer said in a statement. "I will work hard to find long-term solutions to the significant challenges facing our coastal, business and farm communities, as well as our veterans."

"This retirement announcement ... proves that 'Obamacare' and its negative impact continues to burden Democrats in 2014, even for Democrats who voted against the law like McIntyre," NRCC Chairman Greg Walden said in a statement.

McIntyre, who serves on the House Agriculture and Armed Services committees, is among only four Democrats in the U.S. House from North Carolina, although the 12th District seat is now vacant following this week's resignation of Congressman Mel Watt as he became director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Republican Sixth District Congressman Howard Coble also plans to step down at the end of his term.

McIntyre didn't say in his statement what he plans to do after leaving Washington, D.C., saying only that he is "excited about new opportunities to continue helping North Carolina."

In a statement, President Barack Obama thanked McIntyre for his service and wished him well.

"In his 17 years representing the people of North Carolina in the U.S. Congress, Mike McIntyre has been a strong advocate for our men and women in uniform and a key voice on issues that shape the lives of Americans in rural communities," Obama said. "He’s also been an active participant in the annual National Prayer Breakfast – a reflection of his deep faith."


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  • sandlfarm Jan 11, 2014

    [quote=13283536]Post by Pirate01[/quote
    just takin a page from the conservative play book. Dems biggest issue is that traditionally they couldn't put up a united front. The GOP is a circus of clowns and scoundrels

  • whatelseisnew Jan 9, 2014

    It is good to see one of the lifer politicians leave. I wish all of those lifers would follow this mans example. But they have it good essentially looting the pockets of the private sector and doing nothing about the damage they have caused.

  • Cosworth Jan 9, 2014

    "McIntyre didn't say in his statement what he plans to do after leaving Washington, D.C. ..."

    I doubt he'll be leaving Washington anytime soon. I'm sure he'll be parlaying his time in congress into a lucrative career as a K Street lobbyist.

  • wasone Jan 9, 2014

    Moving on to bigger things.

  • jackaroe123 Jan 9, 2014

    View quoted thread

    It's certainly possible, but it is far from fact that Democrats are going to struggle in the mid-term elections. You really can't laud the huge, sweeping changes the GOP has made in the last year w/o recognizing that it fires up opponents. Imagine a close basketball game where there's an ugly pushing-and-shoving incident just before halftime. It's going to fire up both teams, but which team comes out of the lockerroom and blows out the other by 20 in the 2nd half has yet to be determined. The GOP might dominate, but there might be huge backlash leading to a Democratic landslide, too. We don't know yet.

    As for the effort Democrats will be putting in, I think you're just plain wrong there. The same national attention the NC GOP is so proud of is going to result in huge amounts of $ flowing into races from out of state.

    Who wins is a toss-up, but it definitely won't be due to a result of a lack of effort on one side.

  • Ears to the Ground Jan 9, 2014

    I lived in the wilmington area when I turned 18 and voted for Mike his first term and lived in his district until 2003. Mike was always a moderate democrat. When the General Assembly redrew the district Mike became my representative again when Johnston County was added. With this new district I found Mike's stances on the issues to be center right. I think he knew that not only the general election would be tough but that he would also be facing a tough primary fight as well. Despite Mike and my veiw becoming increasing different in recent year his has always listened and worked hard at his job unlike many others in congress.

  • rcarroll Jan 9, 2014

    ...Now THATS some good news !!!!!

  • TruDat Jan 8, 2014

    ReTyrement, that is. Word.

  • gibbman67 Jan 8, 2014

    Well I hate to see Mr McIntyre retire ,,he was the only middle os the road gimmiecrat we had in DC...he didn't vote for Obameys healthcare debacle...he is not for Amnesty for Illegals. Thanks for your service Mr McIntyre

  • Pensive01 Jan 8, 2014

    View quoted thread

    A statement that can clearly be shown to be patently untrue by the fact that the Democratic Party hasn't been trying to replace McIntyre with anyone that is even remotely of a moderate leftist nature, let alone a "radical leftist". On the other hand the Tea Party has clearly demonstrated that a if Republican doesn't march in lockstep with their agenda, then that Republican is targeted for removal.