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Concord-based coffee company to expand, add 200 jobs

Posted November 19, 2012

S&D Coffee will expand its headquarters in Concord, adding 200 jobs in the next five years and investing $97 million, Gov. Bev Perdue announced Monday.

The privately owned company, which produces coffee, tea and other beverages, is one of the city’s largest employers and has 613 workers in seven locations across the state. Sales have grown 400 percent in the last decade, prompting the expansion.

The company said the average wage of the new positions will be $36,311.

"Our business continues to grow and expand at a time when many companies have struggled," said Ron Hinson, president and chief executive officer. "We considered locations in other states for this new round of expansion but decided to stay in North Carolina and the Concord community.”

The state provided incentives, including a grant of up to $300,000 from the state’s One North Carolina Fund, which is designed to attract business and create jobs. The grant requires a local match.


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  • thinlady1 Nov 20, 2012

    I just ordered a catalog from this company hope they have whole bean....

  • WooHoo2You Nov 19, 2012

    No one thanking Obama / Purdue for 200 new jobs? If there was a single job lost it would be 150+ negative comments by now blaming them personally...

  • whatelseisnew Nov 19, 2012

    I went to Starbucks once. Since they seemed to not understand that small, medium, and large works well when a person wants to order a coffee, I decided I was not willing to pay their exorbitant price and be forced to learn a new code system for sizes. I agree, their coffee tastes like it is burnt.

  • Scubagirl Nov 19, 2012

    what the heck?????? can't I NOT type the symbol for 'less than' ? twice now. maybe 3rd time's the charm.....

    LESS than $10.00 a can

  • Supie Nov 19, 2012

    Try Larry's Coffee, locally roasted, had a sample of their Cowboy Coffee in wellsprings the other day and holy taste buds, batman.

  • Scubagirl Nov 19, 2012

    hmmmmm.....let me continue....


  • Scubagirl Nov 19, 2012

    Starbucks is so very overrated. As far as coffees go it's ok and up, but thinks way too much of itself and is priced way too high. It's a status event to go to Starbucks and carry around their little cups, but a waste of money if you ask me. For 2-3 cups of their coffee I can purchase a large can (not the 10oz) for

  • carlostheass Nov 19, 2012

    Hey, UNCfuturealumni, Starbucks is burnt coffee. It even smells burnt when it's brewing. I'll pass on that and join you for S&D.

  • UNCfuturealumi Nov 19, 2012

    The is ultimately the best coffee on the market. Starbucks cannot hold a candle to S&D. Well, that is my opinion. I know that all you Starbucks fans are gonna jump right on me, but I am speaking of a mellow cup of breakfast coffee and S&D are tops