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Concerns raised about disposal of Warrenton fire debris

Posted March 16, 2011

— The company hired to remove debris from an agricultural supply store that burned to the ground last month in Warrenton did not obtain a demolition permit, WRAL News learned Wednesday, and Vance County is receiving complaints that debris from that fire is being dumped illegally.

Southern States Farm & Garden, at 216 W. Franklin St., caught fire on Feb. 2, 2011. The store sold hazardous and flammable materials, including fertilizer, aerosols, propane and ammunition, and authorities responding to the blaze were concerned that the chemicals would run into the town's water supply. 

WW Earthmover and Logging in Vance County got the contract to demolish the building after the fire and to deal with any hazardous debris. 

The county is investigating complaints from people who live near a dump site on Gun Club Road in Vance County that materials from the store are being illegally dumped there.

William Wilkerson, the owner of WW Earthmover and Logging, said his company is disposing of the debris properly at approved landfills and recycling facilities.

County and state inspectors were at the dump site Wednesday to investigate the matter, but they didn't release any details.


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  • belovedsparrow Mar 17, 2011

    From the posts I've seen of people who seem to know the details of what's going on it seems that somebody stuck their nose in where it doesn't belong and made a huge issue over nothing. I hope some investigation goes into the allogations of the drains that are draining into that creek. Seems that this person needs to worry about the plank in their own eye before jumping to condemn the splinter in someone else's eye.

  • sandwservices Mar 17, 2011

    I personally know the owner of the company involved in this complaint.I have never known him to do anything that was illegal for as his business he has always been by the book.Far as the permit that was not obtained it has now been obtained for the southern states job in warrenton nc.As for the debris that were dumped in vance county there were none brought from the job in warrenton nc.The material was a matter of topsoil and ash that was thought to be of no danger to environment.As a good statement the company is in process of removing the debris from the site in vance county to a landfill to make the citizens fell better about the situation.The company is in the mind set to do all to make the citizens of vance county to feel unconcerned. Far as the citizen that made they complaint for them to be as concerned about the environment as they are they from what i have been told running there drains from there house and there shop into a valley which feeds a creek in the same area.

  • firefighter2011 Mar 17, 2011

    I love vance county

  • seankelly15 Mar 17, 2011

    fed up in vance - The only small mind seems to be yours. If the company is required to have a permit for demolition and they failed to get the permit then that is a violation. You are not equipped educationally or experientially to speak authoritatively on the handling of hazardous materials.

  • fed up in vance Mar 17, 2011

    Welcome to SMALLTOWN USA. Small towns = small minds. In towns the size of Warrenton and Henderson no one has anything better to do then look over the fence at their neighbors and see what they are doing wrong and then run up to main street, stand on the street corner and blab it to the world. As for the Hazardous materials that were stored in the building and the hazardous waste that the fire created....let's see...How much rain have we had since then? Think that some of that hazardous waste has already been washed into our water system? GOOD POSSIBILITY. And it's a pretty safe bet that if you tested the materials after all of the rain we have had that the concentration wouldnt be that high. SOOOOO, sounds like to me some people need to keep their mouth's shut when they don't know what they are really talking about. Mama always told me "Worry about your ownself before you go worrying about someone else then that wont give nobody a reason to be worrying about you later"

  • superman86 Mar 16, 2011

    Mr. Phelps stirring the pot in Vance Co. again. Some things never change. First he opposes the shooting range being opened in the county now he want to try to take money away from a working man by making allegations that he knows nothing about. I believe you one should practice before they preach seeing how this same complaintant has his household waste and sewage illegally flowing into a creek behind his home. and the funny thing about this is that the property that some debris (which isn't even from the Southern States building) is being dumped on is private and the owner requested it be brought in to fill a low spot. People in this town have absolutely nothing to do.