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Complaints reveal: Roosters legal in Raleigh

Posted February 20, 2013

— Did you know roosters are allowed within Raleigh’s city limits? No? Neither did we.

Much to the surprise of, well, everyone, at a Feb. 12 City Law and Public Safety Committee meeting, City Attorney Tom McCormick said, contrary to popular belief, there are no laws on the books that prohibit residents from owning roosters. 

Roosters came up during a conversation about expanding the current animal control ordinances. While the focus was on dangerous dogs, it prompted a brief discussion about roosters, and their trademark crow.

Councilor John Odom said he has received three complaints about roosters in his district. Councilor and Committee Chair Mary-Ann Baldwin said Councilor Thomas Crowder has also received complaints. Crowder was not at the meeting.

Assistant City Manager Daniel Howe said the city received one complaint in Boylan Heights through SeeClickFix. The city sent a community resource officer to ask the owner to do something about the noise. Howe said the city hasn’t received any more complaints.

How the issue was handled is unknown.

While roosters are still legal to keep in Raleigh, the city could take action if they are considered a public nuisance.


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  • kitelover110 Feb 21, 2013

    Sounds like too many people have become "citified" (read "displaced yankees). I like to hear the early morning crowing of my neighbors rooster - brings back memories from my early childhood. More and more people are chosing to raise chickens for eggs and food - good for them!!!!

  • more cowbell Feb 21, 2013

    Go to any school in the area and take a poll on where kids think chicken comes from. In Vance County there were mixed reviews; most kids said checken comes from the grocery store. The rest said, KFC.

  • more cowbell Feb 21, 2013

    In fact most farmers do not keep roosters because they do want their eggs to be fertilized. Perhaps a little sex education is in order? Just saying.

    Don't you mean, "they keep the roosters separated from the hens because....."
    Don't know where you grew up but most farmers I grew up with had roosters but was smart enough to keep them separated from the hens.

  • more cowbell Feb 21, 2013

    Next thing you know, they will try and outlaw strip clubs and head shops in Cary.

  • gcannon Feb 21, 2013

    I grew up on a farm in the 50's and 60's and we had several roosters in the chicken pen close to the house with many hens ... all seemed to be happy, especially the few roosters that we had. They never bothered me ... In fact, it was good to hear the old boys distinctive crow. I now live in Wendell and a few years ago my neighbor had some hens and a rooster in his fenced back yard. I enjoyed hearing the rooster crow ... it reminded me of growing up on the farm. I was somewhat disappointed when the local authorities told my neighbor that he had to get rid of the rooster and his hens.

  • Bewitched Feb 21, 2013

    "How is this any different than people who have dogs barking all day/night? Can they be fined too? They are definately a problem on my street."

    It isn't, and yes they can be fined. You have to call Animal Control to file a noise complaint.

  • dontstopnow Feb 21, 2013

    funny huh rebel? Was most likely the only issue they knew how to handle and they didnt do it to well...;)

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 21, 2013

    Ain't ya proud of how they handle the tough issues of today?

  • anews77 Feb 20, 2013

    whoever complained needs to be banned....just saying....

  • ripetomatoes Feb 20, 2013

    I would opt for the sound of any bird singing instead of a car horn any time day or night.