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Community colleges to study immigration issue

Posted September 19, 2008

— The North Carolina Community College System plans to survey other states on how they handle illegal immigrant enrollment to help develop its own policy.

The system's board last month affirmed its ban on allowing illegal immigrants to enroll, reversing a policy adopted last fall. The move came despite assurances from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that there was no federal regulation prohibiting illegal immigrants from enrolling.

Officials said they would examine various legal opinions on the issue, survey states from California to Virginia on their policies and calculate what North Carolina community colleges would spend to educate an illegal immigrant. They said they hope to complete the study by next spring so that a policy could be in place by next fall.


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  • wendyfields Sep 19, 2008

    I teach at a NC community college and everytime this arguement comes up it amazes me. True, community colleges have an "open door" policy meaning that everyone with a high school diploma is accepted into the college. What I can't understand is why our system's attorney would think we are going against our policy and breaking the law if we DON'T let in illegal immigrants. The system is scared that it will get sued for denying someone admittance. But is it really illegal to deny admittance to someone who is in the country illegally? And if we know they are illegal immigrants, aren't we supposed to report that? I don't know what the issue is here.

  • US VET Sep 19, 2008

    Illegal is illegal...Its time for Americans to take a stand....

  • Spartacus Sep 19, 2008

    My taxes will NOT be spent on educating criminals. That is a promise. Are you listening, governor?
    For your sake, I hope you are.

  • readerman Sep 19, 2008

    Which part of ILLEGAL immigrant is confusing? If I break the law, I go to jail, not college.

  • CuriousT Sep 19, 2008

    Am I to understand that OUR COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM wants to PUBLICLY APPROVE ILLEGALS? This system that wants us to work WITHIN GOVERNMENT FOR CHANGE, wants TO BREAK THE LAW for MORE TAX $$? I really hope someone is playing a VERY EARLY April Fool's joke.

  • Here kitty kitty Sep 19, 2008

    AGAIN?? Write the Wake Tech Community College President and let him know your opinion (Dr. Scott I think is his name.)

  • maddie Sep 19, 2008

    Spend our money to educate an illegal?

  • JohnDeereGirl Sep 19, 2008

    You have got to be kidding...my tax dollars funding this!

  • fatchanceimwrong Sep 19, 2008

    Why do they need to ask the other states what they do? Can the NC college system make their own decisions based on what is best for the citizens of NC? Illegal aliens should never be allowed to attend state supported colleges. Nor any schools from elementary to high school. They are criminals and are breaking our laws. What's not to get? Kick out all of the children of illegal immigrants from our schools and let their families provide for their education. There would be fewer busses, fewer mobile classrooms, and more resources for our children to get the education that our tax dollars pay for. If allof these bleeding-heart liberals want them in the schools, set up a fund that these bleeding-heart liberals can contribute to from their after-tax dollars and allocate that to the costs of educating children of illegal immigrants. Otherwise, they can get thier education in mexico, or wherever they are citizens.

  • gammasandi Sep 19, 2008

    amd just why are taxpayers paying for a study when we all know that to support breaking the law is wrong -don't we in NC have enough sense to make a decision without spending tax money on checking around for political correctness?