Colder air on the way as residents bid goodbye to sunny skies

Posted November 11, 2012
Updated November 12, 2012

— Three days of mild temperatures and sunny skies are coming to a rapid end late Monday as a cold front swoops into the region from the west, bringing a blast of chilly air and possibly rain.

"The front will be moving into North Carolina during the later portions of today," WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss said. "We'll get behind that front and into a north and northeasterly wind flow that will leave us with much cooler temperatures."

Monday's high of 74 degrees marks a third consecutive day of warm weather that is "absolutely unbelievable for November," WRAL meteorologist Aimee Wilmoth said.

But even as residents raced to soak up the last rays Monday afternoon, clouds were moving in. The predicted high for Tuesday is 57 degrees, but that's "deceptive," Wilmoth warned.

That 57 will be hit shortly after daybreak Tuesday, she explained, then temperatures will drop into the 40s by late afternoon.

A chance of light rain and isolated thunderstorms extends throughout the day.

Behind the cold front, partly sunny and cool weather will settle in. Highs in the 50s stretch throughout the week – including for the Raleigh Christmas Parade on Saturday.

"It will be chilly" but sunny for the parade, Wilmoth said. It will likely be in the 40s when the parade steps off and into the low 50s by the end.


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  • CrewMax Nov 12, 2012

    "We need to realize there is a difference between the terms weather and climate. In climate terms, statistics show tempertures are slowly rising."

    True, we are almost back to the mean temps of the middle ages.

  • CrewMax Nov 12, 2012

    Where's my government weather??? Obama promised sunny skies and lower sea levels!

  • NoObamaCare Nov 12, 2012

    At least we can now say we had Fall. It just happened to be in the middle of November. Bring on the chilly weather for a few months, then back to the miserable heat/humidity. Love this weather now!!

  • Holy Carp. Nov 12, 2012

    Why is it that people always complain when they don't get the weather exactly right? It's called a forecast for a reason. Weather is not a complete, exact science folks. In theory yes but in application it isn't. Too many variables involved for them to get it right every time.

  • btneast Nov 12, 2012

    Its matters not one whit how many believe in something. No one else but Gov. can put in place the changes to protect ourselves......

    ...I disagree. It takes a societal shift in thinking before big change can happen. Best example is smoking. It used to be fashionable to smoke....look at all the old movies. Gradually, over time, more and more people began to see smoking as bad. It has taken close to 50 years, but now society views smokers as the outsiders now. They are shunned. You could not have successfully passed a law back then limiting smoking like it is limited now. The overall perception had to evolve. Recycling is similar. Recyclers only 25 years ago were viewed as it is a hot and growing industry. The "green" movement didn't happen overnight, it has been growing for decades. Big changes like this cannot be be forced on people, at least not in a "free" country.......

  • Grand Union Nov 12, 2012

    It was lovely on Saturday for the Wake forest game, hoping for a repeat for Boston College after Thanksgiving. Go Pack!

    "There are a lot of people who believe that it is impossible for mankind to influence the climate. But there are even more that believe every notable weather event is a sure sign that we must immediately put our lives under the total control of government masterminds. I am skeptical of both sides."

    reality is not a democracy. Its matters not one whit how many believe in something. No one else but Gov. can put in place the changes to protect ourselves......

  • jblake1932 Nov 12, 2012

    I notice that the weather folk are jacking the high temp. up a little every hour this morning. Hum, struggling on the forecast again, are we? Won,t be long and they will forecast a high of 80!

  • TeresaBee Nov 12, 2012

    We might get the beginnings of a Nor'easter around the 19th. Media is not reporting this yet. As of now 60% chance.

  • anderson Nov 12, 2012

    I just hope we get a BIG snow this year

  • shelllauren Nov 12, 2012

    simplelogic-Thank you! I knew I needed more coffee.