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Coin shop owner shoots at would-be robbers

Posted September 21, 2010

— Two men who tried to rob a Durham coin shop fled the store Tuesday afternoon after the owner opened fire on them, police said.

The masked men entered Daryl's Coins, at 4422 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd., at about 1:20 p.m., armed with a gun, police said. The owner pulled his own gun and fired two shots at the robbers, but he didn't hit them, police said.

No customers were in the store at the time, and no injuries were reported.


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  • 1911A1 Sep 22, 2010

    It's not wrong to wish that criminals pay for their actions . Criminals harm the rest of us. If more criminals didn't make it through commiting the crime the rest of us would be better off.

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Sep 22, 2010

    Same guy (Daryl Rogers) that spoke about getting security. Guess he got his own! Good for him!

  • hpr641 Sep 22, 2010

    See, that's the problem with the lax gun control we have here in NC. With better gun control, he wouldn't have missed. Of course, maybe he did show proper gun control by successfully missing intentionally ... they did leave immediately.

  • pinehorse Sep 22, 2010

    They must have been from Cary.

  • irishale Sep 22, 2010

    Speaking of assumptions, Where does it say the robbers pointed a gun?--

    obviously the gun(s) were displayed in some fashion... true, I made the mistake of assuming the gun was pointed at the shop owner.

    I also make the mistake of assuming people have a certain bare-minimum level of common sense... thank you for reminding me that that is a false assumption.

  • chach Sep 22, 2010

    If you try to use a gun to take someone elses money, livelyhood or maybe try to take there life. You have the right to bare arms & use them!! So thumbs up to him!!

  • tarheel4life Sep 22, 2010

    "In my book, whomever initiates violence against another forfeits the right to complain about the magnitude of the response."

    No one is saying the criminals have a right to complain about anything. The point made was it's wrong for people on this board to wish that the criminals would have got shot and killed. Two different issues.

  • 1911A1 Sep 22, 2010

    That's whats wromg with this town ! When you commit a crime against a law abiding citizen you take your life in your hands and if your life doesn't mean enough to keep you from hurting other people then who cares if you loose it !!! They brought guns making it a gun fight !!! I thank the shop owner for doing his part and I hope these criminals get caught.

  • Moriahe Sep 22, 2010

    "What is wrong with your people? I agree these guys should be punished, but they don't deserve to die for armed robbery."

    In my book, whomever initiates violence against another forfeits the right to complain about the magnitude of the response.

  • CharmedLife Sep 22, 2010

    LOL!!! Bout time someone showed these little would-be punks that noone's going to take their mess!! Woo Hoo!!!