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Club DJ on house arrest for violating probation

Posted October 21, 2008

— A Raleigh man who pleaded guilty in August to charges that he failed to use a condom and notify sexual partners that he has HIV has been sentenced to six months of house arrest for violating his probation.

In addition, Joshua Waldon Weaver, 23, cannot leave his father's home for any reason other than employment approved by his probation officer. He must also wear an electronic bracelet and undergo a mental health assessment.

Weaver, who was arrested earlier this month, pleaded guilty Tuesday to violating his probation by having sex without a condom.

He was originally arrested in April on charges brought under North Carolina Administrative Code 10-41 A.02020 (1)(a)(e), which addresses control measures regarding HIV, and North Carolina General Statute 130A-144 (f), which requires all people to comply with measures controlling communicable diseases.

A DJ in Raleigh and Wilmington, Weaver pleaded guilty to those charges and received a 45-day jail sentence that was suspended and 30 months of supervised probation under the conditions that he comply with the public health laws under which he was charged.


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  • sds5446 Oct 22, 2008

    He should be in jail bottom line. He's willingly having sex knowing he can get away with it. He is maliciously having sex with people to intentionally infect them b/c he is infected. This is attempted murder.
    Why is our wonderful system not doing its job by protecting their people, because the dj sure isnt. A message needs to be sent by putting him away for life.

  • common_sense_plz Oct 22, 2008

    In my opinion, this guy knows that he has a deadly disease that can and is transmitted to others. This is attempted murder, and should be handled as such.

  • SaltlifeLady Oct 21, 2008

    Crayzee1-if you read my earlier posts, and this last one too, I am certainly NOT defending this man's actions by any means. i have said multiple times he is wrong for what he did. And you can't compare it to a 7-11 being robbed. We all know we take a risk by having unprotected sex whether or not we know our partner has a disease or not. His actiona are inexcusable. I am just stating that we are ALL at risk for contracting something if we engage in unprotected sex. It is a fact of life. Many people have diseases they are not aware they have. You still h ave a responsibilty to yourself to protect yourself.

    Vietnam Vet-he did not give them the choice to risk exposure? Those people chose to risk exposure to all sorts of stuff when they had unprotected sex with him. Yes, he should have offered the information, but again, there are way too many people engaging in unsafe sexual practices. You can't ONLY blame the person for giving you an STD if you chose not to protect yourself.

  • Vietnam Vet Oct 21, 2008

    C'mon. Let's be real. This guy is running around having unprotected sex (He shouldn't be having sex period with a potentially lethal disease) and doesn't give his partners or potential partners the choice as to whether or not they wish to risk exposure?? Am I the only one that thinks there is something wrong here? It's forced Russian Roulette!! You cannot defend his actions. He's a potential murderer who for the sake of some pleasure is willing to risk another's life. He doesn't need to be monitored. He needs to be locked away where this behavior will not continue.

  • hollylama Oct 21, 2008

    A man in Canada is being charged with murder for not letting his partners know his HIV status. Two of his partners subsequently died from HIV related cancers.

  • clickclackity2 Oct 21, 2008


    Why don't you reread the TB post. I believe it referred to INTENTIONALLY spreading hepatitis and TB.

  • commonsensical Oct 21, 2008

    You know, the first article on WRAL months ago had scads of comments from the gay community defending his behavior. I don't see many comments defending his behavior now. Why not? Was his behavior less wrong since it was the first time?

  • alwayslovingu30 Oct 21, 2008

    U know U got it and U pass it on your alt to be strung up this is A hurrendous crime he has maybe givin this deseas to some one else and it is dealy

  • Crayzee1 Oct 21, 2008

    To: cghsmom. HE KNOWS HE HAS HIV, and he is knowingly passing on through unprotected sex. YOU say the other parties are just as responible for not making him wear protection!???? He's lying to them., ITs like saying the clerk at 7-11 thats gets shot by the robber is just as much at fault for going to work that day. I'm shocked so many people are defending this guy.

  • eric52272 Oct 21, 2008

    someone is watching this fellow way too closely....somebody needs to mind their business