Clinton, Trump hold dueling rallies in Triangle

Posted November 3, 2016

— Only 30 miles separated Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump Thursday night, but the two presidential candidates remain far apart on policy as they continue pressing for North Carolina votes in the final days before the election.

Both Clinton and Trump crisscrossed the state Thursday, urging supporters to vote either by Saturday in the early voting period or on Election Day next Tuesday. Both of them held evening rallies in the Triangle, marking their closest relative proximity since their final debate two weeks ago.

With seven Medal of Honor winners behind him, Trump focused much of his address in Selma on the military and foreign policy.

"We want strength in this country," he told thousands of people at The Farm. "Our focus must be on keeping America safe and destroying ISIS."

Trump vowed to build up U.S. military forces, saying the various armed services are at their smallest levels since World War II and have to rely on outdated aircraft and other equipment.

He blamed Clinton and President Barack Obama for allowing Islamic State forces to take root in the Middle East and export terrorism to the U.S., and he said he would shut down resettlement programs that allow Syrian refugees to live in the U.S.

"Under the leadership of Hillary Clinton," he said before breaking from his script critical of her time as secretary of state, "Leadership? What leadership? I don't want to use the word in the same sentence."

Trump then segued into the email controversy that continues to plague the Clinton campaign, alleging that foreign intelligence agencies hacked the private server she used while secretary of state, that she perjured herself during her testimony to Congress and that the U.S. Justice Department has been shielding her from prosecution.

"Can we trust her with our security?" he asked. "She was more interested in keeping her emails a secret than in keeping our classified intelligence a secret. She was more interested in protecting herself than in protecting the people of the United States."

Trump also called out Obama, saying he's spending too much time on the campaign trail for Clinton and not enough serving as president.

"He ought to be working on our borders. He ought to be working on crime. Instead, he's campaigning with somebody that's under FBI investigation," Trump said. "We are led by stupid people, and one of them is campaigning just too much."

Sanders rallies with Clinton

Meanwhile, up U.S. Highway 70 at Raleigh's Walnut Creek amphitheater, Clinton was joined by Democratic primary rival U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders as they called for a re-energized economy that helps working-class families and affordable college tuition.

The pair each spoke about health care and reform to the criminal justice system as well, but they placed particular emphasis on the country as it would exist under a Trump administration.

"I disagree with Donald Trump on virtually all of his policy positions, but what upsets me the most is we, for so many years, have worked to overcome discrimination, and he’s running his campaign, the cornerstone of which is bigotry," Sanders said. "Our uniqueness is our diversity. We should be proud of it, and we are not going to allow Trump or anyone else to divide us up."

Clinton said Trump’s proposed policies, which include building a wall along the Mexican border and a ban on Muslim immigrants from certain countries, would violate the country’s founding principal of religious freedom and normalize discrimination.

While rarely mentioning Trump by name, Clinton said that the campaign should be focused on the issues instead of divisive rhetoric. She said that, while she and Sanders were formerly political rivals, she took pride in the fact that their discourse led to actual discussion.

"When we faced each other in the primary, here’s what I was so proud about: We ran a campaign on issues that mattered to the American people," Clinton said. "This election’s been a lot more fun now that we’re on the same side."

While outlining the issues that most concerned him, Sanders said he fears that the county is sliding into an oligarchic form of society where billionaires control economic and political aspects of American life through large campaign contributions.

Clinton and Sanders both talked about the importance of local elections in addition to the presidential race.

"It’s time you had a governor who puts families first, not radical ideology," Clinton said. "You need a governor who actually cares about the children of North Carolina."

Sanders, meanwhile, bashed "cowardly" Republican governors who he said have attempted to suppress voters.

"I say to those governors, if you don’t have the guts to participate in a fair and open election, get out of politics and get another job," he said.

Earlier in the day, Clinton held an afternoon get-out-the-vote rally at Pitt Community College in Winterville, while Trump addressed a rally at Cabarrus Arena in Concord.

Friday is also a big day in North Carolina on the presidential stage, with President Barack Obama holding rallies for Clinton in Charlotte and Fayetteville and Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence speaking in Greenville.


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  • Buster Brown Nov 3, 2016
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    Clinton thinks that aborting a baby just hours before it is due to be born is acceptable; she thinks and says that "open borders" are what is needed to control the influx of illegal aliens; she thinks that being responsible for the needless deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi is not her problem; she thinks that lying openly and repeatedly to the congress, to the American people is acceptable; She behaves as if the two Federal Criminal investigations into her conduct were nothing---not even an inconvenience. She has no morals, no conscience and no ethics--and yet people support her?? In the name of all that is Holy, why>??

  • Robert Hartley Nov 3, 2016
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    Factory jobs left because people in china get paid pennies compared to US workers.

    Its a global economy and competitive businesses will keep the bottom line down by paying slave labor salaries where it's possible.

    If you want made in America printed on products then we have to pay more for it.

    We tried Tariffs about 100 years ago because of intellectually deficient isolationists and it contributed to the worldwide financial collapse.

    If it was that easy to force companies to stay in the US they'd never have left. This isn't North Korea.

  • Mark Cooper Nov 3, 2016
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    Take a minute and see who these economists are and see what they said about the economy pre 2007 economic implosion, if they got that wrong as most did (ie that is why it was so severe at one time) then why put any stock or faith in this.

    Again, our issue is people not thinking for themselves. People need to take the information and filter it thru their own common sense.

    Being called an "economist" does not make you correct or even intelligent.

  • William James Nov 3, 2016
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    Message to Democrats, just remember that it was the Clinton's that got NAFTA passed, which resulted in killing millions of US manufacturing, industrial, and textile jobs nationwide and especially in the south. Its silly to elect a person who had a direct hand in passing a trade agreement that destroyed the financial integrity of so many families in NC! Bill Clinton had many good ideas, but NAFTA was a horrible one. Strom Thruman predicted that the factories would leave and preached it loud, but everyone dismissed him as an old south racist and not hearing the soundness of his logic.

  • Tron Carter Nov 3, 2016
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    LOL it's like you people forget who the democratic candidate is. Pot, meet kettle.

  • Pete Muller Nov 3, 2016
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    The groper cannot even hold his own in a 90 min. debate. How is he supposed to persevere in actual adverse situations? Call Sean Hannity?

  • Rod Runner Nov 3, 2016
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    So you really have no opinion on if Trump's policy would shut down Walmart stores? Walmart is built on cheap Chinese products and on free open trade with China. Trump wants to renegotiate trade deals and put huge tariffs on imports from China.

    Care to imagine how Walmart will continue its business in light of that? Or Hobby Lobby? That Christian Conservative bastion of hope is fully built on cheap Chinese goods where the 1 child policy used to force abortions. Really, almost any store in America will have trouble operating when goods from China are priced higher.

    People want factory jobs back in the US, yay. But where are they going to buy their clothes to go to work at those jobs?

  • Tim Britton Nov 3, 2016
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    Bret Baier, a former WRAL news reporter broke a major story last night and http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/11/02/fbi_sources_tell_fox_news_indictment_likely_in_clinton_foundation_case.html

    WRAL refuses to cover it, If they did you would know about the illegal funds.

    Bernie supporters, you were sold a bill of Goods by the DNC, we found out they the DNC had no intention of letting Bernie get the nomination. Giving Hillary the debate questions should be enough to make you furious because if Bernie would have had an equal chance, he would have been the nominee. She did not have to take them, but she did. Nixon did much less and had to resign. Just think about it before you vote.

  • Bill Huntington Nov 3, 2016
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    I really do wish this witch would stay out of this state. Her incompetence has put the United States at risk and cost American lives. She shouldn't be running a food stand at the fair, much less the country. Trump will be the best president we've ever seen, but he will need to drain the swamp first.

  • Shannon Speil Nov 3, 2016
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    Can't wait to welcome Donald Trump into the White House! He will be the boldest, greatest president we've had in 30 years!