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Clinton teacher suspended after drug arrest

Posted May 10, 2013

— A Clinton City Schools teacher has been suspended following her Tuesday arrest on drug charges, authorities said.

Kristy D. Carter, 33, of 303 Halifax St., was charged with three counts each of trafficking in opiates and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. She was released on an unsecured $35,000 bond.

Police said Carter impersonated nurses and called in two prescriptions for pain killers to local pharmacies.

Officers also seized 60 Vicodin pills from her when she was arrested, according to a police report.


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  • mfarmer1 May 10, 2013

    michaelclay, Clinton is in Sampson county

  • mfarmer1 May 10, 2013

    I hope this is not the norm, maybe they should all be drug tested to make sure our children are protected. This would also save the school system money (by terminating teachers who deal in drugs) and improve the schools at the same time.

  • wayneboyd May 10, 2013

    Michaelwral..Chances are better than averageshe got the problem from a doctor.

  • michaelclay May 10, 2013

    ripetomatoes, I agree with you in all but one area, I do think that Clinton is in Sampson county not Harnett county.

  • michaelwralcom May 10, 2013

    she has as substance abuse problem, not a criminal problem. she shouldn't be locked up for this behaviour, instead she should be seeing a doctor.

  • whatelseisnew May 10, 2013

    "B-b-but Pharma drugs are the good kind of drugs"

    Many of them are if they are not abused. I guess we better get rid of all air conditioning soon, some people are huffing the freon. Time to shut down those evil companies that are making freon.

  • ripetomatoes May 10, 2013


    Your in-depth knowledge of drug possession and penalties is impressive.

    She will no doubt be seeking knowledgeable, cheap representation in a Harnett County courtroom very soon.

    Removing this common criminal from contact with our school children and from the payroll of the taxpayers is wonderful news.

    If taxpayer money is going to support her one way or the other, I say put her on the other side of a fence.

  • Crumps Br0ther May 10, 2013

    B-b-but Pharma drugs are the good kind of drugs

  • sctech May 10, 2013

    Most idiotic law ever. Trafficking opiates falls under the heroin/ opium law. It takes four grams to make trafficking weight and they can weigh the entire pill, even though the amount is specified on the pill. Basically, it takes about ten pills to reach level one trafficking and it carries seventy months in prison and is a mandatory sentence under GS Chapter 90. This case is likely a level two or three trafficking carrying even more time in prison. This person has a drug problem and years in prison is no benefit to taxpayers.

  • connieleigh4 May 10, 2013

    Great! One more off the streets! Way to go Clinton PD! Maybe you will get them all!