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Clinton coach works to rebuild life after sex assault charges dropped

Posted March 10, 2015
Updated March 11, 2015

— Nearly a year and a half after he was arrested on charges that he sexually assaulted a female student, the former junior varsity boys basketball coach at Eastern Wayne High School is continuing to put his life back together.

Glen Isaac Darden said the indecent liberties charges, which were dropped on Feb. 9, 2015, turned his life into a living nightmare.

The charges were dropped because the victim was no longer interested in prosecuting the case, according to Wayne County Assistant District Attorney Curtis Stackhouse. The dismissal does not validate that a crime did not occur, Stackhouse said.

Darden says the student accused him of attempting to kiss her after he refused to help pay for some of her school fees.

"This girl said I grabbed her in my room and tried to kiss her because she asked me to help pay for her cap and gown dues," he said.

Darden, who says he is a deacon at his church, says the charges ruined his reputation.

"I just went into a stage where people that you trust, and now this encounter, they just turn their back on you," Darden said. "You were arrested for it...you did it. Innocent until proven guilty, I don't believe that no more."

Darden says he's lost about $20,000 after being fired by the high school and spent another $20,000 on three attorneys to defend himself against the charges. He says his faith in the justice system has been shattered.

"That's out the window. Once you're arrested for something, the public and the people around you, they look at you like you did it regardless of how long they've known you."

Darden served as the junior varsity basketball coach at Eastern Wayne High School beginning in 2003. He says he retired from the Air Force after serving in three wars.


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  • Mike Berthold Mar 11, 2015
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    Realistically he doesn't have to sue. If he were truly innocent the prosecution could file perjury or false statement charges against the teen if she made any sworn statements in writing. Since the DA doesn't seem to feel that this is the case, he is going to have a difficult time convincing others if he does choose to sue. I do have to question the motives of the teen though. He refuses to help her with Cap and Gown but tries to kiss her? She waited until the next day to report it also. That sounds way too fishy for me. As a parent I'd be on the phone immediately. The original story headlined on WNCN that he had sex with the student. The headline alone tainted the public against him even though that doesn't appear to be what happened. The $1000 bond should have been an indication that he didn't have sex with her and it wasn't, when taken in context, as terrible as that but the news went with the headline anyways.

  • Tom Smith Mar 11, 2015
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    you are right. he can sue. the question is why isn't he? perhaps he is afraid if he sues, she will rethink her decision not to go on with criminal prosecution? or maybe he doesn't think he can get any money from her or her family (they couldn't even pay for the cap and gown). however, if this really has ruined his life like he says (and I believe it has), then suing her and winning would at least be a vindication from a court authority.... so why isn't he suing. I bet I know why....

  • Kaitlyn Legare Mar 11, 2015
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    The accusation was never found to be false, so you can't assume that's the case just because the girl decided not to pursue the charges. Here's another explanation for what could have happened. He was arrested 1.5 years ago, already spent $20,000 on lawyers, and the case still had not come to trial. That says to me his lawyers kept getting delays and continuances on the trial. Why? Maybe they figured if they delayed it long enough the girl, who was in her teens, would eventually decide it was no longer worth pursuing it and just put the whole thing behind her so she could get on with her life. We will never know.

    I'm sorry that some people automatically think Mr. Darden is a criminal just because he was accused of a crime but was never convicted. I'm also sorry that other people automatically assume the girl is lying just because she decided to drop the charges after 1.5 years of waiting. I hope both of them can move on from this.

  • Todd Jenkins Mar 11, 2015
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    Another example of District Attorney's not being held responsible. You still got this bozo putting out statements that the dismissal does not validate a crime did not occur. Maybe he should be fired!!

  • Doug Bradley Mar 11, 2015
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    Not so fast....this doesn't mean he's not guilty. Maybe, maybe not.

    But I do believe in innocent until proven guilty and I hate the way that most people in these forums for the most part always jump on the accused like they're 100 percent guilty. And I also dislike when WRAL jumps to publish their address before they're convicted.

  • Jack Miller Mar 10, 2015
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    Once again - a female can say anything with NO repercussions. Think Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacross and all the countless men that have to suffer at the hands of liars. One scorn dishonest person can ruin the lives of honest men. Enough is enough!

  • Alexia Proper Mar 10, 2015
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    Really sad. The man should be able to sue. This is perhaps the one instance where I believe a lawsuit is reasonable. The man lost everything over a false accusation.

  • Tim Blanchard Mar 10, 2015
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    This is what it is like to be a man who any woman can claim things, real or unreal, and trash a mans life. Its the war against men.