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Click it or Ticket Campaign Nabs Over 18,000 Violators

Posted June 6, 2007

— The state's Click it or Ticket program caught 18,658 violators during its latest enforcement push, the Governor's Highway Safety Program announced Wednesday.

Drivers and passengers were cited for 17,208 seat-belt and 1,450 child passenger violations, officials said. The spring campaign ran from May 21 to June 3.

Counties with the most seat-belt charges were Mecklenburg with almost 2,000, Wake with 1,422 and Iredell County with 605, Gov. Mike Easley said.

In addition to cracking down on unrestrained drivers and passengers, officers across the state charged 2,057 motorists with driving while impaired. Officers issued a total of 6,835 criminal violations, including 1,763 drug charges, 110 stolen vehicles and 595 fugitives captured.


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  • sillsburykeitha Jun 7, 2007

    The seatbelt part comes in with the right to die free. If I choose to kill myself by driving into an object, I have that right. And as far as the insurance companies saying they'll lower your rates as more people buckle up, thats a lie! we've already seen that and they came back with the quote ( we can't lower the people insurance rates! we're out to make money. 1984 or 85

  • likemenow Jun 7, 2007

    RE:" I know many people that would be dead if they had wore a seat belt".....how many is "many" people?...hanging out with that crowd sounds like a really risky time

  • lpf88 Jun 7, 2007

    If you don't want to wear a seat belt, that’s great. But don't waste my tax dollars when you get ejected from a vehicle and we have to pay someone to clean up your biohazard.

    Although, I must admit, not enforcing the seat belt law does provide for more organ donation opportunities.

  • Jun 7, 2007

    Donorcycles will remain legal... certified pre-owned organs are in high and profitable demand.

  • 68_polara Jun 7, 2007

    And pornography certainty wasn't the intention of the first amendment either, however it's legal. We have lost something in this country when laws are written to protect people from themselves. I wonder when will they no longer allow people to ride motorcycles? Laugh, but it will probably happen one day as we continue to move in this direction. I believe in using seat belts and that's why I always were mine. However, I also believe in freedom and one should be able choose what they want to do long as they are not harming anyone else.

  • sarahbglenn Jun 7, 2007

    Libertarians have been advancing the whole "seatbelt laws are a violation of my rights" argument without success for years. The Supreme Court has considered cases, most of which are based on whether the 14th Amendment due process clause prohibits such laws and they have consistently held that there is no "right" to be a moron and not buckle up as that is not the "life, liberty and property" that the Constitution envisioned.

  • Jun 7, 2007

    Wear your seatbelt, PERIOD !!! All that whining about "government ain't telling me what to do" is a load of BS.
    Come to a car wreck with me and see first-hand what a child, teenager, adult, or grandparent looks like after being ejected from a vehicle. That's going teach the government not to interfere with youer God given right to be stupid? There's always an exception you can quote. Bottom line, you'll have a much better chance surviving an accident wearing a seatbelt. There's another misconception that needs to be addressed. Think you're not hurting anyone by not wearing a seatbelt? Wrong. Simple evasive maneuvers can cause an unrestrained person to loose control of a vehicle. Resulting in death, injury, and property damage to innocent law abiding citizens. We complain about high insurance rates and medical costs, yet we won't do a simple thing like wear our seatbelts. I don't get it.

  • readme Jun 7, 2007

    I believe in everyone's right to be an idiot and have an accident that takes them out of the gene pool. I wish our law enforcement put this much effort into real crimes.

  • 68_polara Jun 7, 2007

    XXXXX, please read all the posts.

  • Irock Jun 7, 2007

    It may be a matter of choice...but its also lazyness. Why in the world would anyone not want to buckle up for saftey is beyond me. Just come to work with me in the emergency room during the weekend; one might change their mind.