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Clayton votes against teen curfew

Posted September 8, 2009

— Clayton will not become the next Triangle town with a curfew for teens.

Members of the Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday evening against a plan to forbid anyone 15 or younger from roaming the streets between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. on weekdays and between midnight and six a.m. on weekends.

A committee who will look into other ways to address the teen behaviors that led to the curfew discussion.



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  • somey Sep 9, 2009

    Durham, Fayetteville, Spring Lake......Clayton? Way to go Clayton!

  • Felton23 Sep 9, 2009

    Keep in my mind, this is the same town who in recent years has had MAJOR vandalism done to some of its city parks, that cost the town thousands of dollars. Who does major vandalism to city parks? Juveniles.

  • burnstock99 Sep 9, 2009

    I'd like to hear why the council rejected this. That should be a simple rule if you're younger. Apparently the council is more on the sides of children who can't drive or vote than protecting the adult tax paying public. Nice work again JC politics!

  • mochabrown Sep 9, 2009

    Well let those committee members homes start being burglarized, vandalized, etc....and they may wish they had implemented the curfew.

  • Familymatters Sep 9, 2009

    Wow....so the entire town council thinks that it's alright for kids under the age of 15 to be out after midnight "roaming the streets" ????

    Man that's impressive... I mean I call myself a progressive and all but geez... you can take it too far people.

  • Faceman Sep 9, 2009

    disclpline starts at home..and kids that young need to listen to thir parents..If they dont want to find trouble..Safer to be at home..and yes..in my view..no kid should be out past 11pm

  • dohicky Sep 9, 2009

    Yes, let them roam the streets at night! No good going on that time of night. Residents can just keep there guns at their bedsides to protect themselves (can buy more guns, help retail sales), stores can hire more security guards (help unemployment rate). Meanwhile the kids can do anything they feel like doing. No contraint.

  • didisaythat Sep 9, 2009

    My parents always said there is nothing you need to be doing at that time of night. I think they ment there is nothing you can be doing that is good at that time of night.

  • Road Dog Sep 9, 2009


  • HemiTodd Sep 9, 2009

    IMO - Nobody 15 years old or younger should be roaming the streets between 11pm and 6am.