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Clayton man severely injured in Spain returns home

Posted August 1, 2011

— A 21-year-old Clayton man hospitalized in Spain in a coma, is back on U.S. soil Monday morning after a community rallied to bring him home.

Cory Harrison suffered massive head trauma in a fall two months ago while he was working abroad.

The family's insurance company refused to pay to fly him home to be rehabilitated.

After a Facebook campaign, an anonymous donor came forward with a check that would more than cover the cost of the trip, which was estimated to run up $80,000.

Harrison arrived at Raleigh-Durham International Airport around 6 a.m. Monday.

His father, Gary Harrison, said friends have helped secure a spot for his son at WakeMed's rehab facilities.


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  • umop apisdn Aug 1, 2011

    "What company was he working for at the time of the accident? Do they not have some financial responsibility to help get him home? And, who was the insurance company??"

    1) He wasn't working at the time of the accident, he was climbing the outside of a buiding trying to get into his room which he locked himself out of.

    2) The insurance company is not important. He was in good hands in Spain and that's all that matters. The $80,000 was only to get him closer to family and that's not the insurance company's job to pay for that.

  • Freakazoid Aug 1, 2011


    It was a couple who made the donation and the poor child is in a vegetative state. Praying/Hoping for a miracle after all this.

  • yesimagirl Aug 1, 2011

    Anonymous Donor = AWESOME!!!!! Wow.

  • Amusedone Aug 1, 2011

    God bless...you'll be in my prayers.

  • tmassey67 Aug 1, 2011

    Thank God for special people who care enough to help :) I hope your son has a full recovery. God Bless You All.

  • mchljam2 Aug 1, 2011

    MANY prayers for this young man his family and the anonymous donor. God Bless them all. You all will remain in my prayers!

  • buffalobill-ridin-the-range Aug 1, 2011

    "Yeah, "why" is exactly right. It's not necessary to know the name. All of them would act this way."

    how dare they not pay for something that he wasn't insured for!


  • beachbum1 Aug 1, 2011

    Sure here's a kid doing good, working etc and then something like this happens. My prayers for him and his family.

  • cuzin244 Aug 1, 2011

    I recently learned from a storm damaged homeand an insurance claim that NATIONWIDE ain't always on your side either. My 500.00 Deductable became a$3,500.00 deductable. Insurance companies have you where it hurts and you can't do a thing about it. Then they go up on your premiums. Happened to me. True testimonial.

  • bking87 Aug 1, 2011

    glad he's home and in rehab. But the insurence company the his employer had should have paid for him to come home. But then again insurence companys are rip offs anyway