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Clayton High student struck by truck

Posted March 23, 2011

— A Clayton High School student was struck by a truck while checking the mail Tuesday afternoon, authorities said.

The student had driven home from school and was getting out of his car when when he was hit on Jack Road, near Ranch Road, said Terri Sessoms, a spokeswoman for Johnston County Schools.

The teen was taken to WakeMed in Raleigh. An update on his condition was not available.


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  • tara11 Mar 25, 2011

    Jessicawhite05: Definitely going to be a LONG LONG road to recovery... I am unsure of all the injuries that there may be.... I am hoping that all turns out for everyone... at the same time would still love to see changes made on Jack Road.. Thank you for your concern!

  • jessicawhite05 Mar 25, 2011

    Tara11: You are correct, everyone needs to slow down on Jack Road and watch out for pedestrians. Jack Rd is not a safe road at all. I know the accident was an accident. I hope that the boy is okay! My grandfather was the one who accidentally hit the boy. I am worried about him too, since he's already had two heart attacks. Any updates on the boys condition?

  • tara11 Mar 25, 2011

    continuation: I know for a fact that the man that hit this kid.. is an older gentleman with a pace maker.. I am sure he could use your thoughts and prayers as well. As far as our road is concerned.. there are some changes that need to be made.. maybe a few speed bumps.. maybe an extra speed limit sign or two or even three. This is NOT the FIRST incident that has occured on this road.. 3 years ago my own husband was struck by a car while cutting our grass up by the mail box. BOTTOM line.. it is a dangerous road.. and there are in fact children that live on this road.. so please if your traveling down Jack Road SLOW DOWN, BE CAUTIOUS AND AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS.... THANK YOU FOR READING!

  • tara11 Mar 25, 2011

    I really wish folks would get ALL their facts straight BEFORE they judge a situation... Allow me to give you a few facts... BUT first let me start by telling you that my family and I are neighbors to the young man that got hit and his family.. FACTS: The young man was in fact arriving home from school, parked his vehicle and walked up to the mailbox to check his mail.. ( THIS IS A NORMAl ROUTINE FOR HIM ) NOTHING NEW... I read a comment about " he should have been paying attention.. he was probably looking at the mail while crossing " I am sorry but who are you to make a comment about this.. this is a teenager we are talking about following his EVERYDAY routine.... here is the bottom line... He is a very lucky young man to be alive .. it was an accident and from what I hear it is still unclear whether or now the man that hit him will be charged... all I can ask is that you folks say a prayer for a speedy recovery..

  • edits Mar 24, 2011

    It would not surprise me a bit if you hear of a student getting hit in front of Clayton High School. Parent's do not drop their children off in the lane in front of the school, MANY stop in the road, on both sides and let their kids get out. I have come close six times this school year already to almost hitting a child whose parents do not drop them off in the proper place. I have called the school each time and have even reported it to Clayton PD. This is not only a danger to students who are crossing the road but to other drivers when the parent that has stopped kind of off to the side to drop off a student pulls back into traffic without looking. It really is terrifying to have to drop my daughter off at school every morning for the fear of me hitting a student crossing the road because they dart out in front of cars with out looking.

  • mulecitybabe Mar 23, 2011

    You here of more deaths and accidents in Johnston Country by vehicles than any other county. What gives?

    I think it's because the majority of the time, when something happens outside of Wake or Durham counties, WRAL only identifies the county, not the town. Probably the only reason Clayton was identified by name is because of the school.

    So it's really more of a perception problem, thanks to shoddy reporting, than an actual higher number of crashes in JoCo.

  • knowyourrole Mar 23, 2011

    Surprising this didn't happen to a student who left school at lunch and walked across the street to buy lunch....an everyday occurence.

  • pizno82 Mar 23, 2011

    Like I said, he should of been paying attention. He was probably looking at the mail crossing the street.

  • IAMAmerican Mar 23, 2011

    You here of more deaths and accidents in Johnston Country by vehicles than any other county. What gives?

  • Z Man Mar 23, 2011

    leo-nc - they may just be slow today.