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Clayton High School increases security after alleged threat

Posted May 9, 2011

— Clayton High School had extra security on its campus Monday after an alleged threat, according to school spokeswoman Terri Sessoms.

WRAL News received several tips from parents that rumors were circulating about a possible shooting at the school on Monday. 

Clayton police investigated and determined that the threat was unfounded, Sessoms said. No other information was released.


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  • jlbaysden May 10, 2011

    A tornado took precedence over a band story. The threat to the safety of students & teachers takes precedence over anything else. Jerry Smith is no longer the head administrator at CHS. There are not a lot of Jerry Smith's, Debbie Woodruff's or Eddie Price's in Johnston County. Please stop bashing the students & the teachers. CHS did loose some very good teachers to Corinth Holder's &that is unfortunate. There are still wonderful teacher's & students at CHS. If you no longer have a student in this school or have not had one under this administration you need to keep quiet. This school is not closely observed by law enforcement. Kids walk across the street in front of the school & commit several violations that Clayton PD ignore. Parents violate parking every morning & afternoon. The street should be open for emergency personnel if needed & the normal flow of. If someone wants to do something bad enough they will find a way without a public announcement. Be vigilant everyday.

  • momtek May 10, 2011

    I DID provide WRAL the positive story via e-mail twice & again over the phone when I spoke with the assignment desk. I literally provided ALL the details of the story from beginning to end & told them the Band Director would very much agree to speak with them & I invited them to have a camera crew on campus recording their charter bus arrival back on campus as part of the story. Just as they do when any local sports team arrives back home with a win or loss....they make a point to meet them at the airport.

    I provided them the You Tube link of their video & told them I could provide pictures. They had what they needed to run this story 36 hours before the kids returned home, they chose to ignore it.

    Vic Firth is an international corporation & they have our group front & center on their web page recognizing their accomplishment. There's no excuses for not running the story.

  • momtek May 10, 2011

    Facts cannot be changed by opinions, the fact is students are reporting an increase in bullies & violence at CHS. If your child is no longer a student there, who are you to say what's really happening?
    Besides, my child's TEACHER confirmed this info. to me over the phone. Oh.....and the parents who's child was taken to WakeMed as a level 3 Trauma patient who was jumped by 4 students he never met (normally referred to as gang bullies)....is it their imagination that the school is dangerous? Do you expect them to believe their other 3 kids will be safe at this school?
    Hello - reality is calling.

    Bottom line is schools should implement a 2 strike you're out policy. America is behind in education, why,because society says we have to accomodate the bullies, class clowns & insubordinates. Their actions have a negative impact on their peers who do care.Who thinks the leading countries in education allow students to misbehave & then welcome them back into class? Ha ha...lol NOT

  • wildcat May 10, 2011

    but never agree to run a positive story?

    Why don't you send them the "good" story or invite them to your school so that they will be able to get the "good" stories.

  • Centurian May 10, 2011

    I think Clayton HS is a great school and my son recently graduated there and is in college. There is hardly any gang activity and I have been involved in schools elsewhere in NC where gangs are a real problem. The teachers and admin are OK in my opinion.

    It's ironic that some parents feel that the school is dangerous, but don't think twice about giving their teens free reign on the highways with powerful vehicles and expensive muscle cars. I suppose it's all about how one perceives the world today.

  • momtek May 10, 2011

    The question I ask of WRAL is why do you always report the bad things that happen at Clayton H.S. but never agree to run a positive story?

    I recently requested twice that you run a story about Clayton H.S. Winter Percussion Concert Ensemble who just competed in a World's Championship competition representing our area & North Carolina & they won the Silver Medal in their class. For those who don't know, the WGI World's Championship is a competition equivalent to an athletes Olympic Games. WGI World's literally has groups from around the world competeing for trophies & our kids brought home a Silver Medal in their class. This was real news & worthy of public recognition. Yet WRAL won't give it the time of day.

    So unless it's bad news..........it won't be reported. What a shame......and we wonder what's wrong with people?! OMG

  • wildcat May 10, 2011

    The person that spread this unnecessary rumor should be charged when found out who did it.

  • momtek May 10, 2011

    How many of you parents have had your child tell you that the student behavior is so bad at CHS that the teachers cannot teach & they intimidate the staff?

    My child has told me this & I know at least two other parents who's kids say the same thing. These kids have all said they wish the assistant principal would sit in class with them so they can learn & feel safe. I even had my child's teacher tell me this confirming it over the phone. He says he sends the kids to ISS but they are sent right back to the class room because ISS is Full.

    I've talked with other parents who have had their child injured at this school due to bullies (one was taken to the hospital as a level 3 Trauma patient) & the school administration does nothing to protect them & even suspended one of the injured students because they claim any gesture to fight back is an automatic suspension according to the county rules. So basically they say if our kids are attacked they are not allowed to defend themselves.

    The e

  • alwaysamused May 10, 2011

    It amuses me that so many people are using this incident as an opportunity to bash the school's admin. Schools are made of students, and students are a reflection of the homes in which they grew up. School staff ALWAYS does the best they can with what they've got. Be glad some people are willing to work there when they COULD leave for a more affluent school. It's not admin's fault if the majority of the student body has no respect for authority and little (if any) academic ambition. Such values are learned and reinforced at home. Besides, there are laws and restrictions placed on school admin releasing speculative info, and anyone in a leadership position knows better than to reveal everything he or she knows and cause a panic. I am a parent, and I know I'm irrational when it comes to the safety of my child. Try acknowledging that innate irrationality rather than blaming a small group of hard-working people for a widespread societal problem.

  • 23tony May 10, 2011

    I, for one, would like to see some follow-up by WRAL on this story. I want to know if the responsible party is found and what happens after that, and I would like to hear more from the school or school board about the lack of communication with parents.